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How to Control the Costs of a Pet Move

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 by Pet Travel Questions

In the past we've discussed how moving pets isn't exactly cheap. Once you break down the process it's easy to see how the costs of moving your most precious cargo can add up, but a pet move shouldn't have to amount to a completely overwhelming expense.

For the budget-conscious traveler, here are a few ways to keep the costs associated with a pet move under control.

Handle the airport transportation yourself

Perhaps you've hired a relocation company to help you with your move, but check to see if you can be the one to transport your pet to and from the airport. It's not always possible to arrange this (some countries require a broker to clear customs) but absorbing some of the costs where you can (think gas money, time spent in traffic, etc.) will make this expenditure a little easier to bear.

For inspiration, read about how one couple saved money by having a friend help them out with their DIY pet move.

Buy a used travel crate

Travel crates are important (they must be the proper size for your pet and also airline-approved), but most people never need them again once a move is complete. This means there are plenty of perfectly good shipping containers floating around out there, so check eBay or craigslist to find pre-owned pet crates and you can probably end up saving a few bucks.

Plan vet visits carefully and keep them to a minimum

You'll need to visit the vet at least once to secure the proper health documents, but make sure you're aware of what you need so that you can be efficient and avoid multiple visits, which could definitely inflate your budget unnecessarily due to veterinarian fees.

Find and hire agents yourself

Most people who hire full-service pet relocation services are doing so because they realize they just don't have the time it takes to arrange everything. If you're willing to put in at least a few hours though, you may be able to find and hire agents in the areas you'll need them. With tools such as MyPetTravel, which will provide you with insider tips and agent information, you'll be well on your way to organizing a cheaper move.

Crowdsource your questions

You're not the first person to undertake a pet move; someone out there has done it before, and it's likely they'd be glad to share their knowledge. Social media can be used for fun and a whole lot more, so don't be shy about using these handy tools to pick up tips where you can. Throwing a question out onto Twitter or finding a great message board and posting a question could be the key to saving yourself time and money. Check out the PetRelocation.com Facebook page to get started.

Please feel free to contact PetRelocation.com if you have any questions about planning your upcoming pet move, and happy budget-friendly traveling!



Believe it or not, it's possible to control the costs of a pet move.


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