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Continental Airline's PetSafe Program - Behind the Scenes

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 by Pet Friendly Airports

[UPDATE: Continental is now United Airlines, and United operates the PetSafe program as described below.]

You've heard about "pet friendly" airlines and, if you've spent much time on our site, you know it's possible to transport a pet from one side of the world to the other, but what does the pet air travel process actually entail? CNN recently took a closer look at Continental's PetSafe Program to show high-flying pet lovers how it all works.

The video below offers more about Continental's safety protocols and is especially helpful if you'd like to see the pressurized, temperature-controlled cargo areas where pets are safely stowed.   Not only does Continental offer pet flights to a number of popular domestic and international destinations, they're also able to handle pets safely during the summer and winter months when other pet airlines have embargoed pets, thanks to their climate-controlled conditions on and off the tarmac for pets traveling in their PetSafe program.  

Perhaps most importantly, Continental Airlines is committed to improving pet air travel safety standards and keeping pet owners informed.  One of the biggest hot-topic issues? Summer pet travel safety.  Last summer, Continental joined us in offering pet travel safety tips for people moving or traveling with pets during the summer months.





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