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Moving Pets to Australia: Harley's Pet Relocation

Monday, October 25, 2010 by PetRelocation.com Customer

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Name: Rebecca
Pet's Name: Harley
From: Houston, Texas
To: Perth, Australia

I chose PetRelocation.com because I felt most comfortable with them and I knew that they would guide me every step of the way. Scotty was great and responded to every email and phone call from day one. That was so important because I had no idea what to do in the beginning. When you are moving to another country it is so stressful and there are so many little details. Then when it comes to moving your pet that is another story, especially to Australia. Wow! The most important advice I can give to anyone moving to Australia is to get your dogs rabies titer test done right away (at least 150 days before you are moving). The dog needs to stay in quarantine a minimum of 30 days [upon arrival in Australia].
Scotty worked with my friend who kept Harley in Texas until she was ready to fly to Perth. He and I kept in contact by email. Harley is still in quarantine. I go to see her three times a week. It is hard leaving her there but we only have 13 days left. She is doing ok. She tries to leave her kennel when I get there. Today she managed to escape but didn't get very far.
Perth is a GREAT city for pets. There are so many parks, rivers, and beaches that are pet friendly. You can even take them to outside cafes with you if you would like. If anyone has any questions for me I would be happy to answer any of them.

Are you moving to Australia and have questions for Rebecca?   
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