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Pet News Round-Up: Science Stuff, Summer Tips and Kidpreneurs

Friday, August 5, 2011 by Caitlin Moore

Happy Friday, everyone! Before you head off into the weekend, catch up with the top pet news stories of the past week.

-A 7-year-old with epilepsy has written a book in order to raise money for a service dog that will help him manage his recurring seizures.

-A new study performed by the National Canine Research Council has found that banned breeds are no more aggressive than any other.

-This is hurricane season, y'all. What are your storm planning pet tips?

-Crazy photos of dogs shaking their heads. Seriously, they're crazy.

-No one is paying us to say it, but this is actually a cool product that'll help keep your dog hydrated during the hot summer (or anytime).

-Scientists have created a genetically modified Beagle that glows. They say this technology can hopefully be applied to humans and disease tracking.

-Managing pet travel and dog diabetes -- a blog post from Will My Dog Hate Me?

-Sometimes pet moves throw us curve balls. Read about Blue the cat and Sparta the Staffie.

Sunday and One Drop
Sunday and One Drop, a couple of kitties we recently moved to Oregon

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