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Kristen Stewart's Cat Travel Troubles - "He Hates to Fly"

Friday, July 2, 2010 by Rachel Farris

Kristen Stewart Regis and Kelly talks about flying catEarlier this week, amid lots of Eclipse talk, Kristen Stewart, the lead actress in the Twilight series, made the rounds of the morning talk shows.  During Stewart's appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly, the talk quickly went from vampire tales to tales of the four-legged kind: Kristen Stewart's cat Max.

Stewart and Max have a very close relationship but Stewart's upcoming schedule has her stressed out about how to take Max along with her.  "We're going to be shooting in Montreal and New Orleans and Mexico," Stewart said. "He hates to fly...he would rip all his claws out and...hate me [if he flew]," Stewart added.  "I might pay someone to drive him, I don't know."

While driving might seem like an improvement over flying, a three-stop, international drive certainly wouldn't be much fun for Max.  Max probably hates being in his crate more than he hates the actual act of flying.  After all, once pets are up in the air on the plane, they really don't know the difference between the motion of a car or a plane, and a plane ride is much shorter.

If Stewart was one of our clients, we'd work with her on how she could get Max to and from her destinations by addressing the following issues:

1.  Face the flying fear

Is Max truly afraid of flying?  Most likely not.  He probably hates being in a crate and if he's in a crate at Stewart's feet, he probably just spends a lot of time trying to convince her that he should be sitting in her lap instead (read: meowing a lot and making a fuss!)!  If Stewart's afraid of flying Max as cargo, we'd talk to her about the pet friendly airline options for Max, where he would be kept in climate-controlled, pressurized conditions the entire time.  He'd be fed and watered and be given the royal treatment, just like all the pets we move safely around the world.

2.  Help Max have a safe haven

Max is going to need to learn how to be a cat on the go, and his temporary home--his travel crate--could do wonders for making him a happy, relaxed traveler. A pet's travel crate is their safe haven when they're on the road, in a plane or hanging out in the green room!  Crate-training Max prior to his big trip would help relieve some of his stress while in the crate and prevent him from ripping his claws out.  We'd work with Stewart to make sure he got a pet travel crate that has plenty of room for Max to stand up and turn around in (think "first class!") and start feeding him in the crate every day, placing his favorite toys and blankets in it.  Over time, Max would grow accustomed to his crate and even find comfort in it when he was on the road.  We've had many past customers, whose cats hated their travel crates in the beginning, report to us that after their big move, their cat slept in the crate every night!  The

3. Plan the paperwork

While vampires may not have too many laws other than avoiding crosses and daylight, Max would definitely need to comply by international pet travel regulations for import into Montreal, Canada, back into the US for his trip to New Orleans, and finally the pet travel requirements for Mexico.  As part of our services, we would arrange the paperwork for Stewart to make sure Max's move would be a smooth one!

The good news for Max and other kitties like him?  You don't have to be a celebrity to get this kind of star treatment.  Simply give us a call at 877-PET-MOVE or shoot us an email and we'll get started planning your pet's star-studded travel arrangements -- champagne not included!

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