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How to Ship Dogs to Saudi Arabia

Monday, April 19, 2010 by Rachel Farris

Kona, a dog we shipped to Saudi Arabia recently!Note: Check with your Pet Relocation Consultant to find out about the most current rules for importing pets to Saudi Arabia.

We recently had several comments asking how to bring dogs to Saudi Arabia, particularly because people wanted to know how to classify their dogs as guard or service dogs, since dogs must be called guard dogs to enter Saudi Arabia, regardless of breed.

The following is a general overview for how to ship pets to Saudi Arabia:

Obtain a Veterinary Health Certificate with an accompanying letter from your vet.  The Certificate must be done within 10 days of your pet's flight.  It will confirm that the animal is up-to-date on vaccinations, and is free from rabies and other diseases. If you are moving from the US to Saudi Arabia, this Veterinary Health Certificate is also called the APHIS Form 7001, and must be endorsed by your state's USDA office.

Get the Saudi Arabian Consulate Endorsement.  You'll need to have the health certificate endorsed by your local Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate's office.  Most of these offices require payments made in cash only-be sure to call ahead to find out their office hours and what they will require for payment for the endorsement.

Obtain an Saudi Arabia Import Permit for Pets.  Pet owners must also have an import permit from the Saudi Arabia National Authority for the Protection of Wildlife and Development:

The National Authority for the Protection of Wildlife and Development
PO Box 61681
Riyadh 11575
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: 01-441-8700
Fax: 01-441-8413

You will need to provide for the Import Permit

Country of Origin

Country of Export

Microchip number



Animal Name

Number of pets

Means of transport (air, sea, land)

Port of arrival

Expected date of arrival

Please note:

On arrival in Saudi Arabia, animals have to be collected from the Saudi Cargo depot, where a customs declaration must be completed.

Quarantine for 6 months can be applied if the Vet Authority finds that the paperwork is not in order, so it is best to have a professional review your documentation wherever possible.

Finally, it is good to keep in mind that people in shared housing cannot have pets so you will want to plan your housing accordingly if you intend to bring a pet with you to Saudi Arabia.

Here is another list of requirements for moving pets to Saudi Arabia.


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