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Moving Ferrets to Taiwan!

Friday, July 31, 2009 by Rachel Farris

Nama the ferret moving to Taiwan!

Pet traveling internationally with ferrets is usually no more difficult than traveling with a dog or cat. In many pet friendly countries, the import requirements are determined on a case by case basis, which greatly depend upon the specific species of your ferret. In our experience, these requirements are not usually more rigid than those for importing a dog or cat. Pictured here is Nama. Nama is a Mustela putorius furo and he will be relocating soon from Japan to Taiwan along with his fellow family members Mei Mei (Toy Poodle) and Pon Pon (Pomeranian). For Mei Mei and Pon Pon this will actually be a return trip, as they are originally from Taiwan and only moved to Japan about a year ago. Being it his first time to Taiwan, Nama will be required to fulfill the usual 21 day quarantine that is mandated for all first time pets that are moved to Taiwan.  What a cutie he is!


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