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Moving Pets to Puerto Rico - What is Required?

Monday, July 20, 2009 by Rachel Farris

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I have read many things about traveling with your pet to Puerto Rico. I need to know exactly what I have to do. I leave from Alabama on the 27th of July. I am taking my dog to the vet on Monday the 20th of July. Is all I need a Certificate from the vet and his rabies shot?

Traveling to Puerto Rico with pets is as easy as traveling to Puerto Rico as an American! All you will need is an interstate health certificate issued within 10 days of your flight and a current (more than 30 days old, less than 1 year old) rabies vaccination.

There is no customs clearance upon arrival in Puerto Rico. The requirements are the same for people moving back to the US from Puerto Rico with their pets. Additionally, this time of year there can be temperature restrictions for most airlines due to the warm temperatures in the state.

By using an airline that keeps pets in climate control, like Continental, your pet will travel cool and safely all the way to the sunny beaches of San Juan!

UPDATE: Continental is now United Airlines and is a great option for pets due to their PetSafe Program.

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