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Quarantine in Australia: Pet care options!

Friday, October 16, 2009 by Rachel Farris

We currently have two four-legged customers who were unable to finish the 180-day pre-quarantine in the US prior to their pet travel move to pet friendly Australia.  Most people don't like the idea of their pet having to spend six months in quarantine, but it's actually not "doggy jail" like they think.

Not only are the kennels heated and air conditioned, pets have the option to go out into their own private runs.  Additionally, there are services that you can hire to care for your pet while he or she's in quarantine.  One of the ones we use is called Dog Walks, an "independent dog walking service in Australia available for exercising and visiting dogs in all three AQIS quarantine stations."

Dog Walks make sure that your pet is staying exercised and getting plenty of attention and they will also post pictures and videos of the pets so owners overseas or not yet in Australia can check in on them.

This is a great alternative if you cannot arrange the paperwork in time for your pet's move to quarantine.  Here are some pictures of our customers, Boston and Keila, that Dog Walks sent us most recently.

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