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Update from Military Working Dog Adoptions!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 by Rachel Farris

Petrelocation.com - We have helped this organization in the past when they are pet transporting retiring military working dogs. If you are looking to adopt a smart, well-trained dog, military working dogs might be the answer for you! PetRelcoation.com offers a 10% discount on all military relocations -- this includes military dogs too!

Military Working Dog Adoptions is proud to announce the transport of retiring MWDs
Milly F607 and Freddy B108 to their "Forever Homes"!!

At present, the military requires the adopting family to pay transport costs for their newly adopted MWD family member. This factor alone can make a retiring MWD adoption cost prohibitive...SO...Military Working Dog Adoptions began accepting donations to underwrite the cost of retiring MWD transport! Your generosity makes these transports possible. Please remember us when making your donations, so we never have to say "No" to transporting a MWD Hero!


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