Help Me Move My Pet

Moving Pets to The United Kingdom!

Britain is nation endowed with natural artistic beauty, significant historic monuments, land of many human right acts, the nation that almost ruled the whole world and for all apparent reasons it is a natural urge and see this exotic nation. Brits are known to be very friendly understanding and are avid pet lovers. The pet shows which have been extensive throughout originated within the elite circle of the upper class. The rules for bringing your pet to are not that complicated as in the Orient.

Britain has its own PETS (Pet Travel Scheme) Program which has regulates and protects the pets of travelers. Earlier every pet that entered UK had to undergo laborious 6 month quarantine. Now things have been liberalized. If you wish to take your pets to England, than foremost Pet dogs and cats (including guide and hearing dogs) that are resident any of the other qualifying (listed) countries, of the EU, can enter or re-enter the UK without quarantine provided they conform to the rules. The pets have to be micro chipped, vaccinated, a satisfactory blood test must be conducted at an EU approved laboratory.

The UK has a separate organization which works for the betterment of life of people, animals and plants, DEFRA. And according to DEFRA rules, the UK does not permit the import of dogs, cats and ferrets that have not been vaccinated against rabies. Other than dogs, cats and ferrets UK is very strict in bringing other private pets inside UK. If the pets don’t fulfill the requisite norms, than the pets have to undergo quarantine. And to bring other pets like Birds, Fish etc they must meet either general import rules or the national rules for trade in the animal species.

But if any pet has to enter into the UK from any non-EU country, other than those listed in the DEFRA website, pets must be licensed into quarantine for 6 months. There is a Commission Decision 2003/459/EC which prohibits prairie dogs originating in or traveling from the USA. It also prohibits the import of certain rodents and squirrels originating in or traveling from certain countries of the sub-Saharan region of Africa.

But there seems to be a relaxed law for export of pets, excluding the endangered ones. There are lots of websites selling exotic pets to outsiders in UK.