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On the Move: Relocation can be a stressful time, even for pets

People who are relocating want to work with dependable, reputable moving companies when it comes to the transportation of their household goods and personal belongings across the state, country or the world. The same is true when coordinating the safe transportation of their beloved pets. Read more.

Building a business, one pet at a time

Founded by husband-and-wife team Kevin and Angie O’Brien, PetRelocation has expanded over the past decade from a doggie daycare to a worldwide door-to-door animal travel service. Read more.


Travelling over the holidays? How to fly with Fido or Fluffy

The most important thing a pet owner can do in the days and weeks leading up to travel day is to get the animal accustomed to its temporary digs. "People often run out the day before to get the crate, which leaves no time for adjusting," says Rachel Farris, of PetRelocation.com. Read more.

Survey: Fido will travel at holidays, too

Do Fido and Kitty tag along to grandmother's house for the holidays?  According to PetRelocation.com, 63 percent of 7,000 pet owners surveyed say they travel at least 50 miles with with their furkids during the holiday. Read more.

Pet Airways tries for 'a better way'

"If people approached air travel the way they approach major surgery - is your pet healthy enough to fly, young enough to fly? - pets would fly a lot more safely," said Rachel Farris of PetRelocation.com. Read more.

Op-Ed: Pet air travel doesn't have to be hairy

Pet travel op-ed The OklahomanIf all pet owners approached air travel for their pets the same way they might consider undergoing a major surgery, ultimately pets would travel safer, experience less stress and arrive alive at their destinations more often. Read more.

Dogs Improve Office Productivity

Some businesses allow dogs at work because they're a big part of what they do every day. PetRelocation.com, which makes travel arrangements for pets moving worldwide, lets employees bring their pets to work. It has an air-conditioned "doggy office" with two sizes of doggy doors that is fenced in so dogs have their own mini-office. Read more.

Tips for Traveling with Furry Friends

You're a worrier by nature and your pet's safety is no exception. How do you put your mind at ease? A recent survey from PetRelocation.com found that 80 percent of people traveling with their pet say that their animal's safety is their top priority. Read more.

Two wolf hybrids take a flight from Oregon to Texas

Two wolf hybrids, Apache and Lakota, flew from Oregon to the Saint Francis Sanctuary in Montgomery, Texas Friday, after an elderly couple decided to give them up.  Wolves on a plane may seem frightening, but with the Pet Relocation staff on board, everything went as planned. Read more.

On the Move with PetRelocation.com

Whether traveling 10 miles or across 10 states, Fido is fragile, precious and must be handled with care. One such service is PetRelocation.com, which handles every detail of a pet’s travel arrangements, from pick-up at the guardian’s residence to booking airline flights and delivery on the receiving end. Read more.

Pet Pointers: Pet travel on the rise

Whether you choose to drive or fly when you travel with your pet, a recent survey of six thousand pet parents done by PetRelocation.com shows most families take at least one trip a year with their pets, many taking pets along as often as once a month, 61 percent of those animals being dogs, 38 percent cats. Watch.

Most pets get an annual holiday too, suggests survey

Independent Pet Travel SurveyMost pet owner take their pets on holiday more than once a year, according to a new survey released May 4 - although it means that they stay closer to home.  Pet travel specialist PetRelocation.com surveyed 6,000 pet owners around the world and discovered that 61 percent of pet owners take their pet further than 80 km at least once a year. Read more.

How to Travel Safely with Fido and Fluffy

Bing Pet TravelIf you do decide to transport your pet in the cargo hold, take steps to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Rachel Farris, director of PR and new media for PetRelocation.com, a company that helps owners move their pets across the country, recommends that travelers get their pets accustomed to their crates before they leave home.
Read more.

On a Wing and a Paw - Moving Pets to Asia Pacific

When the Peelman family learned they would be transferred to Hong Kong, like many pet owners faced with a similar situation, one of the first questions on their minds was “what about our dogs?”  PetRelocation.com outlines what it takes to move our furry, feathered, and scaled friends to the Asia-Pacific region. Read more.

PetRelocation.com grew from transporting pets for corporate execs to shipping exotic animals around the world.

While the company focuses on transporting dogs and cats for corporate employees who relocate for work, its motto is “any pet, anywhere, any time” and so far it hasn’t had to turn down a job. Read more.

Austin Couple sells one business to grow pet relocation services online

For the O’Briens, no move is too great nor animal too exotic for their team and network of animal movers and caretakers. PetRelocation.com handles everything from paperwork to international quarantine laws, from special health needs to door-to-door pet delivery. The O’Briens have handled poisonous dart frogs, horses and mole rats. Every move is unique, as is each price quote. Read more.

Professional help with relocating your pet

Perhaps you aren't wanting to take your pet on vacation but have to transport them for other reasons such as a move. Check out PetRelocation.com for expert assistance with moving a pet within the country or overseas. Read more.

Moving Day Doesn't Have to Be Daunting: PetRelocation.com Makes Moving Fido & Fluffy Fun

In the year 2000, when Angie O’Brien loaded up all of her belongings – including her dog and cat – to relocate to Austin from San Francisco with her husband, she had no idea that nine years later she would be helping millions of pet owners across the globe, like herself, do the same. Read more.

Eight Million-Dollar Businesses You've Never Heard Of

"Pets aren't just household goods--they're beings, just like people are." Such is the mantra of Kevin and Angie O'Brien, the husband-and-wife team who sold a doggy day-care business to get into the pet-moving game. Read more.

Pet Tip of the Week:  Website helps with relocation

Relocating Americans also have to move their pets. PetRelocation.com was founded to provide custom services and consumer information to those moving with four cats, one Newfoundland or 16 parakeets. And yes, the site will help you move your turtle to Tallahassee and make sure it’s legal to do so, too.

Moving? Don't forget the pets

PetRelocation.com is featured, along with a client moving from Texas to Singapore, on the local NBC affiliate talking about our worldwide pet transportation services!
Watch the video.

Relocation Dilemma - Help I Need to Move My Turtle!!!!

Researching [PetRelocation.com], I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they not only had a fully functional, easy to use, interactive website, but they also had a blog  - a very active blog! It’s a busy place where the staff engages pet owners from around the world answering questions, addressing personal concerns and patiently pointing the line of anxious visitors to the proper domestic or international resources. Honestly it’s a fantastic resource for pets of all sizes, types and care related issues.  The rest of the relocation industry should just bookmark this new site and take notes. Lots and lots of notes. Read more.

Traveling With Fluffy or Fido? Be Prepared

Kevin O’Brien of PetRelocation.com, which specializes in pet transport, said: “Sedation is by far the worst possible thing you can do to your pet before their long flight. Sedation, mixed with altitude, creates a dangerous cocktail that prevents the animals from using their natural ability to regulate their body temperature and to control their own stress. We suggest that the human take the pill, as the pet will have a better experience than most humans when flying with commercial airlines.” Read more.

Any Pet, Anywhere, Any Time

When a client is working with a pet relocation consultant, they have a single point of contact for their entire move. This ensures individualized attention between the relocation company and client. PetRelocation.com's customer service also provides a positive, effortless experience for a client who is already dealing with a stressful situation. Read more.

A Spot at the Family Table: Relocating Pets

A pet is a member of the family, and should be treated as such during a relocation. Rachel Farris of PetRelocation.com gives a comprehensive overview of the factors involved in bringing a beloved animal to a new destination, domestic or foreign. Read more.

Moving with Pets - Impossible or Possible?

With people moving worldwide for work, Boxers are going bicoastal and cats are clearing through customs on a daily basis. Moving isn’t just stressful for people, it’s equally stressful for pets. So when it comes to moving pets, pre-planning is very important as animals can be very sensitive to changes in their surroundings.  We went to the expert Rachel Farris, Relocation Specialist at PetRelocation.com. Farris offered three top things to keep in mind as a pet owner moving with pets. Read more.

The Everything Guide to Working with Animals:  Pet Relocation as a Career

In this do-it-yourself era, it is possible to go online and read the "traveling with pets" column on each airline's website. However, companies like PetRelocation.com know how to cut through the red tape. "We are all so busy, and at the same time, quite concerned about transporting our pets safely from one place to another," says O'Brien. "Our customers call us and only speak to one person-all hours of the day."

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PetRelocation wins a 2014 'Content is King' Oracle Markie Award

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PetRelocation is Included on the Inc. 5000 List for the Sixth Year in a Row

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PetRelocation Included on the 2014 Inner City 100 List

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PetRelocation.com wins the 2009 Rackspace Fanati Award for Outstanding Customer Service.

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PetRelocation Tripbase AwardTripbase names PetRelocation.com a top site for traveling with pets.

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PetRelocation.com named one of the fastest growing companies in Texas on Lead411's HOT Company list.

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PetRelocation.com Named Austin's #11th Fastest-Growing Privately Owned Company by the Austin Business Journal.

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PetRelocation.com Ranked #777 on Inc. magazine's 2009 Inc. 5000 "List of Fastest Growing Companies in America"

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PetRelocation.com Named 'Relocation Service Provider of the Year' by Re:locate Magazine

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PetRelocation.com Named One of Austin Business Journal's Best Places to Work in 2009!

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Pets Influence Holiday Travel Plans, Survey Shows

AUSTIN, Texas - November 9, 2010:  PetRelocation.com released today the results of its first annual Holiday Pet Travel Survey of more than 7000 pet owners worldwide, finding that sixty-three percent of pet owners say they travel at least 50 mi. (80 km.) with their pets during the holidays.

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Pet Air Travel Data Released by PetRelocation.com in Response to Senators' Letter

AUSTIN, Texas - August 19, 2010:   In light of recent public concerns regarding pet safety when traveling by air, pet travel company PetRelocation.com released today its own pet travel data for 2010.  Over 600 pets traveled safely by air via PetRelocation.com's door-to-door pet travel services from January to August without a single loss or fatality.

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Demand for Pet Travel High as Survey Reveals Boomers' Basic Needs

AUSTIN, Texas - August 18, 2010:  A new survey of consumers aged 45 to 65 found a majority of baby boomers named pet care and travel as basic needs, not luxury items.  Pet travel company PetRelocation.com, which grew by 375% from 2005 to 2008, is recording its best year on record as the company continues to expand to meet the growing needs of the pet travel market.

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Pet Travel a Growing Trend, Survey Finds

AUSTIN, Texas - May 4, 2010: PetRelocation.com, the international pet travel and transportation industry's leading service provider, announced today the results of its first annual Summer Pet Travel Survey of more than 6000 pet owners worldwide, showing that most pet owners travel at least once a year with their pets.

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PetRelocation.com Wins 2009 Rackspace Fanati Award for Outstanding Customer Service

AUSTIN, Texas - March 11, 2010:  Pet travel company PetRelocation.com has been named the 2009 winner of Rackspace's Fanati Award for Outstanding Customer Service, a contest started in 2007 to recognize a Rackspace customer who has similar values of "fanatical" customer service and support.

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PetRelocation.com Named One of the Best Places to Work by Austin Business Journal

AUSTIN, Texas - May 26, 2009: PetRelocation.com, the leading worldwide pet transport company, announced today that it was selected as the 14th Best Small Business to Work for by the Austin Business Journal.

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PetRelocation.com Named 'Relocation Service Provider of the Year' by Re:locate Magazine

AUSTIN, Texas - May 11, 2009: PetRelocation.com has been honored with the 2008-2009 Re:locate Magazine's annual Relocation Service Provider of the Year - Specialist Supplier award. The award was announced at a black tie gala in London's Pall Mall Thursday, May 7.  The highly-respected publication's award further cements PetRelocation.com's international standing as the go-to pet moving service provider in the corporate relocation and global mobility industry.

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PetRelocation.com Launches New Pet Travel Website & Social Network

AUSTIN, Texas - April 28, 2009:  PetRelocation.com, an independently-owned and privately funded company which earned $2.5 million in revenue in 2008 and has grown by over 1000% since 2004, has unveiled its new interactive pet travel and transportation website, making it the first one of its kind in the pet transportation industry.

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PetTravelCenter.com Teams with PetRelocation.com for Safe Pet Travel And Relocation Services

AUSTIN, Texas - November 29, 2008: PetTravelCenter.com announced today that it has partnered with PetRelocation.com, an industry leader of providing quality, door-to-door pet relocation services to people who travel with or relocate their pets worldwide.  People seeking to relocate with their pets for business or pleasure now can get quality advice and door-to-door services. Through a custom, comprehensive plan, the worry and sometimes complicated arrangements and decisions of pet relocation are taken care of.

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Alliance Relocation Services and PetRelocation.com Develop Strategic Partnership

AUSTIN, Texas & FAYETVILLE, North Carolina - June 16, 2008:  Alliance Relocation Services, Inc., one of North America’s premier crating and relocation specialty service providers, and PetRelocation.com, an experienced and industry dominant animal transport expert, have just announced a new strategic partnership designed to bring an enhanced range of relocation specialty services to both corporate and private clients.

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Mobility Services International and PetRelocation.com Announce Strategic Partnership

NEWBURYPORT, Massachusetts and AUSTIN, Texas - July 9, 2008: Mobility Services International (MSI), a leading provider of global workforce mobility solutions, and PetRelocation.com, a full service pet relocation company, specializing in the local, national and international transportation of live animals, are proud to announce a new strategic partnership. Through the partnership Petrelocation.com is now an approved MSI GlobeSource® partner, providing pet relocation services to MSI client transferees and assignees.

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PetRelocation.com: Professional and Caring Door-to-Door Pet Transportation Services

AUSTIN, Texas - February 14, 2008:  The professionals at PetRelocation.com provide efficient and compassionate pet moving services for the four-legged members of the family.  Comprehensive national and international services include cat relocation, dog transport, horse transportation, and custom animal shipping plans for every kind of domestic or exotic creature.

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PetRelocation.com Offers Travel Tips for Pet Owners

AUSTIN, Texas - January 16, 2008:  Nearly two-thirds of all American households have at least one pet and according to a recent report from the Travel Industry Association of America, approximately 29 million Americans traveled long distances with their pets over a three year period. As a result, PetRelocation.com president Kevin O'Brien is offering tips for those who plan on transporting their pets while traveling.

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