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Import and Export of Exotic Species

Shipping exotic species, like birds, reptiles and small mammals, requires additional research and paperwork. Pet Relocation ships exotic pets as part of our services, however the below links should help you if you are interested in researching your exotic pet's move.


CITES (or the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) protects not only endangered species but also species that might become endangered due to international trade.  If you are moving internationally with an exotic species, you will want to check the CITES Species Database to see if your pet is protected.  All parrots are protected by CITES, and typically require both import and export CITES permits from their respective countries. These CITES permits can take up to 6 months to obtain from US Fish & Wildlife Services.  Please check the US Fish & Wildlife Services - Animal Import & Export website.

Importing Pet Birds into the United States

Returning US Origin Pet Birds

Non-US Origin Pet Birds