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They walked me through it and held my hand!

PetRelocation.com is the best. September 2008 I was a basket case but they walked me through it and held my hand every step of the way even when I made a mistake they just sorted it out and it was as smooth as it could be. I can't thank them enough. 2 cats (one with medical issues) Houston to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...they made it just fine no problems.

Peggy, Max & Butch

Moving Cats - PetRelocation Provided a Flawless Pet Move

What Type of Pets Do You Have?: 
4 cats, ages 8 months to 3 years
How was your experience finding pet care in your new country?: 
We have been vet shopping. Lots of good advice. We will be taking our dog to the check out the final (we think) candidate this weekend.

No hesitation in recommending your services to transport pets!

Dear Scotty and Matt,

I'm so sorry that it's taken so long to write to thank you for getting Kiri and Shivers safely from NYC to Sydney.

The move went without a hitch, and the cats settled in immediately after they left quarantine. They love their (newly outdoors) life over here! I'm finally enclosing a photo of them.

I'm really very grateful, and will have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends who are looking to transport their pets.

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Many Thanks from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Please ensure that you provide feedback and recognition to Rachel for the excellent service she provided for the recent relocation of our two cats, Casey and Koby, from Rhode Island, USA to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We picked them up from their 7-day required quarantine in KL three days ago and we must admit from the first time we talked with Rachel until the time we picked up the cats from quarantine that everything was taken care of as Rachel had committed it would.  Aside from the small scare we had with Koby spiking a fever of 107°F two days before departure everything went

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