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Choosing the right cat crate or dog travel crate is essential for a safe and comfortable pet transport experience. The pet travel crate is the single most important animal shipping purchase you will make during the pet relocation process. Many pet lovers are unaware of just how essential it is that the travel crate is the correct size and meets certain standards of construction, ventilation, and comfort. The most common error when buying a cat or dog travel crate is incorrect sizing. Pet air travel legislation governs the size of the pet shipping crate to be used for every animal. The interior travel crate measurement must be greater than the length of the pet by at least 2 to 3 inches, thus allowing plenty of space for your dog or cat to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably with legs stretched out.

Correct Measurement for the Pet Travel Crate

The correct choice of dog or cat crate for pet flights is crucial, since the airlines will reject the shipment if any part of the animal (except perhaps the flick of a tail) touches, or comes close to touching, the travel crate when standing or stretched out. The most important reason for ensuring correct pet crate sizing is for the safety and comfort of your furry friend. PetRelocation.com encourages pet owners to use the following measurement directions for sizing your cat or dog travel crate for the journey: Below is an outline of how best to measure your pet: A) Measure the length of your pet when standing: from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose. B) Measure the height of your pet when standing: from the floor to the top of the head or ear, whichever is highest off the ground.

Never assume that your little Siamese will fit into the smallest cat crate or that your Great Dane will require the largest dog travel crate—always measure your pet to ensure there are no surprises when it’s go time for pet shipping at the airport! The airlines do not allow wire crates or collapsible travel crates and these should never be used for pet airline travel.

Our Custom Travel Crates & Accessories for Dogs, Cats, Birds, & Reptiles

PetRelocation.com offers several high quality pet travel crates and accessories for the comfort of your beloved pet. We also can provide custom travel crates such as very large dog travel crates and exotic animal shipping crates. These cat and custom dog travel crates are handmade to client specifications to create the best possible pet transportation experience.

For relocation of feathered friends, PetRelocation.com offers custom bird crates complete with perches, for everything from large Macaws to tiny Finches. Our reptile and rodent shipping crates are highly flexible, allowing for the placement of inserts within the travel crate when transporting more than one creature. Our custom exotic animal crates are built for strength and safety, as well as the animal’s comfort, so that Bengal tigers and Timber wolves can be transported with care and efficiency.

Give the pet transport experts a call at 1-877-PET MOVE or use our convenient website contact form to find out more about custom pet crates for your four-legged, feathered, or no-legged best friend!

Our inventory also includes very affordable and durable cat and dog crate beds to keep them comfy and warm. Animal beds and mats for both dog and cat crates are available from PetRelocation.com. We also carry travel water and food dishes as well as hydration gel in our pet travel supply line. Pet travel crate height extensions raise crates by 3 or 5 inches so you can meet those pet airline travel regulations, not to mention allow your favorite animal to stretch out in style and comfort.

Be Good to your Pet with Crate Training before the Journey Begins

One of the best things you can do for the comfort of your pet during transportation is to acclimate him to the travel crate. Having your pet crate trained well before your trip will minimize your animal’s stress during travel. With international pet shipping, your cat or dog will spend long stretches of time in the crate, even with pet friendly airlines.

Take the time to train your Persian to her cat crate or your Dachshund to his dog travel crate before both international and domestic cross country pet transportation. Your pet will be so much better off for it. With proper training, the pet travel crate becomes your animal’s safe haven, a place of comfort and security that they can trust throughout the transport process. PetRelocation.com works with and recommends only pet friendly airlines for their clients’ cherished pets. Give us a call anytime at 1-877-PET MOVE or send an email to Info@PetRelocation.com with any questions about our cat crates, dog travel crates, custom animal crates, or the pet shipping and relocation process in general.

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