Tayler Gonzalez

Global Client Services Coordinator

“You know that feeling you get when you watch a reunion video between a pet and their owner? The moment when you see a dog start to wag their tail uncontrollably and then they jump into their owner’s arms, and both just melt into one another. That is my favorite part of my job- I get to reunite pets with their owners all over the world! Knowing that I supported a family throughout their entire pet relocation process is incredibly rewarding. ”

Tayler was born in San Antonio, Texas and graduated from Texas State University. Soon after graduating, Tayler and her husband spent a few years abroad traveling through Asia, Europe, and South America. When they moved back to the USA, they adopted their sweet pup, Anda, from a shelter in Denver. Anda is now almost four years old, and everyone is all back in Texas to be close to family. Tayler loves outdoors, live music, and tacos!

PetRelocation team member since 2021.

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