Behind the Scenes at PetRelocation: How We Celebrate (With Gifts)!

stryker“Connecting individual journeys through one incredible experience.” At PetRelocation we take our purpose statement seriously, and caring for our clients, our vendors, and each other is hard-wired into the company DNA.  

Every forward thinking organization tries to create an environment that promotes long-term employee retention, and while a leader can champion specific initiatives or programs, a strong culture grows organically from the efforts of the individuals that make up the company.

At PetRelocation our ‘Culture Team’ is a mix of employees that includes new hires with less than six months of tenure as well as one of our co-founders. We focus on activities or events that promote teamwork and support for each other, and sometimes we celebrate just for the sake of celebrating!

Every year there are a number of wonderful happenings that impact the lives of the team in addition to the thousands of pet reunions that we orchestrate around the globe. We are anticipating four weddings, at least three new home purchases, and the arrival of one new (human) baby in 2016. Since January 1, three new employees and one new fur-baby have already been added to our ranks. 

We love to celebrate these happy occasions with meaningful recognition. For example, we like for our new hires to unwind at the end of their first week with a nice bottle of wine that they can take home and share with their friends or significant other, and when your work anniversary pops up, don’t be surprised to find a bouquet of balloons at your desk while everyone gets to enjoy breakfast and a decadent afternoon treat because you exist!

A new program introduced in February makes it even easier to show our joy each time a colleague experiences a significant life event. We call it (somewhat predictably) the Gift Fund. Over 50% of the employees at PetRelocation are making contributions of $2 or $5 a month from each payroll to the Gift Fund account. Our Culture Team will use the money when picking out items from bridal registries, Amazon wish lists, etc. as a gift from all of us. Participation is entirely voluntary and it doesn’t make a difference if you want to take part or not – if something great happens to you while employed here, it will be cheerfully acknowledged!

We’re always on the look out for new ideas to celebrate major milestones, and our latest inspiration comes from a LinkedIn post by Jennifer Kim of Lever. We loved how they welcome new hires after an offer letter is signed. So, Sandhya, the latest addition to PetRelocation, got a welcoming GIF from our team the week before she started as the newest Client Care Consultant. (I think it will take some time and practice before we are up to actual welcome videos and choreography.)

Building a team takes work every day, but nothing says you can’t have fun while you are doing it! If reading this blog makes you smile and you live in the Austin area, please feel free to check out our careers page and send over your resume. We’re always looking to speak with future members of the team, even if there isn’t a role open right now where you’d be a fit. And, if you have suggestions for fun, meaningful ways we can show support for our team, I’d love to hear them. Drop me a note anytime.


Kelley Barnes

Director, Human Resources & Talent Management


PetRelocation Team




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