The snow clad mountains of Canada, the ice games and the most liberated nation of the world always sways and soothes the travelers and its rules and regulations are very friendly. Canada, as a rich Western country, has both a large domestic and foreign tourist industry. Canada is known for its large, majestic landscapes and several record-holding landmarks. Some of the major attractions of the country include its cities but it is probably better known worldwide for its extensive, lightly populated or unpopulated areas of wilderness and its natural sights.

So to bring visit this exotic nation and that too with your pets, you don't have to strut and fret. Fulfill the required norms. And to bring in pets you just have to declare them!Travelers may safely bring any animal into Canada in personal luggage. But remember: Canadian law requires every visitor to declare all plants and animals and their products, including insects, which you bring into Canada

Many travelers fail to declare things like meat, animal hides, live birds, plants and fruit. Most travelers are unaware of the hazards ... but the risks are real. These items can harbor microscopic diseases and pests that can seriously harm Canada's agriculture industry and environment.

Canada even permits the import and bringing of pets like Fish, Skunks, birds etc. In case of birds, the owners should own the bird at least 90 days prior to visiting Canada. Where as Skunks and Fox (excluding those of USA), has to undergo 30 days quarantine in a local zoo.

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