Continental Restricting Snub-Nosed Breeds through September

Snub nosed breeds restrictedContinental’s PetSafe program announced today that they are is placing some restrictions on adult snub-nosed dogs flying this summer.   

Like many pet airlines, Continental is working on how they can provide the best possible service to their snub-nosed passengers.  From May 15 through September 15, all adult Bulldogs (French, English, and other) as well as the Pug and the Boston Terriers will be prohibited from flying as cargo on Continental Airlines’ flights. 

The rest of the year (September 16th through May 14th) these snub-nosed pets will be allowed to fly as long as the forecasted temperatures at arrival and departure will not exceed 85 degrees F (29 degrees C).   

Previously, Continental had a complete embargo of all adult Bulldogs (and their mixes) on their pet flights.

Snub-nosed puppies will still be allowed to fly throughout the year, until they reach 6 months of age or 20 lbs (6 kg), whichever comes first.


PetRelocation Team




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