Delta Announces Summer Pet Transport Program

Delta Summer Pet Transport ProgramLately we've been talking quite a bit about pet airlines like the Continental pet shipping program and KLM Cargo's program which offers safe pet flights to and from Europe.
While we don't use Delta airlines because we don't consider them to be entirely pet friendly (see “Help PetRelocation Find Paco”), they have announced their summer pet transport program for 2010 and we thought we'd share it with pet owners who might be considering flying using Delta. 

From Delta:

Benefits of the Summer Live Animal Program:

• Safe, reliable transport of live, warm-blooded animals
• Acceptance of your live, warm blooded animals year round

With the Summer Live Animal Program, Delta Cargo has lifted temperature restrictions during the months of May through October at most locations worldwide.

Delta Cargo has climate controlled van service for the transport of live, warm- blooded animals during our normal operations. This service is handled by specially trained Delta Cargo agents who work closely with a variety of internal partners to ensure safe, seamless, and comfortable movement of your animals for pet travel.

Drivers are responsible for pick up and delivery of all warm-blooded, animals to or from the aircraft, animal holding areas, and cargo facilities. Because safety is our number one priority, live warm-blooded animals shipped as cargo are loaded or unloaded following specific time requirements in all cities.

To Pre-book animals for pet transport, you'll need to contact the Pet First Call Center – 1-888 SENDPET (1-888-736-3738)

Note: All applicable Live Animal fees and rules apply. Terminal fees, veterinarian fees, or overnight fees may apply.


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