Discounts for Military Pet Moves

Name: Meg
Number of Pets: two
Pet Type:  dogs
Pet Breed: Welsh Corgi and small mix
From: Gulfport,  Mississippi
To: Orange County, California

Is there a special program for a military man (based in Gulfport) who is being shipped to Iraq the first part of December and wants to send his dogs to his parents in Orange County, CA.? -Meg

Hi Meg,

Thanks for your question! Here at, we value and appreciate the commitment that service members make, and we’re always happy to help with a military pet relocation.

Check out our site for more information about domestic moves and more - you’ll see that we offer a 10% discount to military members, who are often not reimbursed when moving pets. One of our Pet Relocation specialists would also be happy to consult with you about your options even if you decided to handle your move on your own. Feel free to contact us soon.

Good luck with everything and please let us know if you need more information!


PetRelocation Team




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