Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Catie Cox

The sales consultants of PetRelocation are quick on their feet. Not only do they need to be prepared to discuss pet travel logistics for dogs, cats and other family pets looking to travel all over the world, they must also stay up to date with constantly changing—and often complicated—pet travel rules and requirements.

In her time at the company, Catie Cox, our senior sales consultant for team UK, has helped hundreds of pets travel safely in order to be reunited with their families. Catie dives into each move with enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge that she has accumulated during her time here. On top of all that, she's a lot of fun to work with! 

Read on to learn more about Catie!

Why did you decide to apply to PetRelocation initially?

I had been in corporate sales at various companies for several years. I was tired of being one person out of hundreds or thousands at a large corporate company, and I wanted to work for a smaller company where I could be involved in more of the decisions that affect my day-to-day and the company in general. A former co-worker started working at PetRelocation and kept talking about how much she loved the company. So, I knew I wanted to apply!

What was your interview experience like?

It was really long!  We were there the entire day for the on-site group interview. Everyone in the group had to build a sales presentation. Then, at the end of the day, we had to present to all the interviewers from the day.  It was really hard because I didn’t understand much about the company or the industry yet (since it’s such a unique one) but it was also fun and a great learning opportunity.

Also, throughout the process I got to meet so many of my future team members and got to ask so many questions that I felt really confident about accepting the position when it was offered to me. 


catie cox, senior UK sales consultant


What surprised you the most about the pet shipping industry?

How regulated it is on a national and international level to ensure pet safety!

Do you have any favorite stories to tell about exciting moves that you've been a part of?

I helped a client move two English bulldogs and two cane corsos from the Phillippines to the UK. It was really complex because there weren’t any airlines in the Phillippines that would accept the breeds. They had to fly on a private plane to Thailand. Once in Thailand, we obtained transit permits for all four dogs. Then we assisted with the final vet visits for their export paperwork and boarding. Then two of the dogs had to fly on Thai Airways into London and the other two dogs had to fly on Swiss Air via Zurich into London.  There’s almost always a way to move someone’s pets, but it can definitely be complicated depending on the breed of pet and where they're heading! 

You’ve been our senior consultant for the United Kingdom for some time now. What big changes have you seen?senior sales consultant, Catie, hiking with her dog Lola

The airlines have made major changes over the past few years which has made it more challenging to move larger dogs and snub-nose breeds. I think that the trend will continue in the future. 

What about Brexit? Do you anticipate this playing a major role in changes to pet shipping?

I don’t expect Brexit to affect pets moving from outside of Europe, but for pets that need to move between the EU and the UK, I do think the processes and requirements will be completely different and definitely more difficult. 

Let’s say someone is in the early stages of planning a move for their pet. What advice would you give them?

First, talk to your veterinarian about your pet's health and get their honest feedback on whether a major international move would be safe for them. Then, engage with PetRelocation as early as possible! The earlier you start planning your pet's move the easier it is to resolve problems that may arise along the way. Don't wait until the last minute to engage our services! 

What’s the most common question you get from pet parents planning a move to the UK?

I talk to a lot of worried pet parents who ask if it's safe to move their pets as manifest cargo (since that's the way the UK requires pets to arrive). First, I explain to them that manifest cargo is a very different travel experience for their pet compared to excess baggage. Then, I explain that the process is safe because it is highly regulated in the industry. A manifest cargo ticket ensures that every pet is handled by specially trained cargo workers. Lastly, I make sure to explain to every pet owner that the manifest cargo environment on the plane is pressurized, temperature-controlled with dimmed lights and the noise-level the same white-noise of the engine that the passengers hear.

When you aren’t helping people move their pets around the world, what do you like to do?

I love to read! My reading goal this year is 45 new books, but I'd really love to reach 52 books in 2020 (a book a week!) I also love to cook and bake. I run an Instagram account with my sister called @CaraAndCatieCook. We share all the wonderful recipes that we use. And when I'm not reading or cooking, my wife and I love to do yoga and go hiking with our dogs. We LOVE anything that involves hanging out with our two dogs. 

Tell us about your pets! 

Ryder is my old lady. She's 12 years old. She's a beagle-dachshund mix. She is incredibly stubborn and independent. She loves belly rubs and treats more than anything. Lola is our little girl, a five-year-old American staffy, miniature pincher mix. We found her on the side of the road one day and had to bring her home. She’s sweet and snuggly and wants to be with mamas 100% of the time. 


Ryder, small dog daschund-beagle mixLola, give year old dog

Ryder and Lola, two lucky pups who have Catie for a mom! 


Thanks, Catie!

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