Employee Spotlight: Christina Quezada

Moving pets around the world is a fast-paced job, so we need a marketing team that can keep up and make us look good. Enter Christina Quezada. Christina, our marketing specialists, goes above and beyond to make sure PetRelocation is presenting the most up to date information in an everchanging industry in a way our followers can relate to and learn from. She's an incredibly valued member of our team, so let's take a moment to get to know Christina a little better! 

Christina Quezada, marketing specialist

Why did you apply to work at PetRelocation?

It was one of those “it’s such a small world!” moments. I was working remotely for a long time and had decided to begin looking for a job where I could get back into an office and have that dynamic again. One of my first friends in Austin (who I met through volleyball) mentioned that her company was hiring for a marketing position and that I should apply. It turned out I was already familiar with the company from a previous position in corporate communications at Petmate! When I first moved to Austin (a couple of years prior), I had driven past the downtown office to check it out and thought to myself “that would be a cool company to work for.” Fast forward to that conversation with a new friend years later and I realize the company hiring a new marketing specialist is none other than PetRelocation! And, as you can probably guess from reading this, I got the job!

What surprised you about working for a pet travel company?

How insanely complicated getting a pet from point A to point B can get in some situations. There is so much going on behind the scenes, from preparing veterinarians to complete paperwork properly to anticipating a problem and fixing it before it happens. The team responsible for caring for a pet’s journey from preparation to delivery to their new home are some of the most organized, thoughtful, and empathetic people I’ve had the pleasure working with. And of course, they’re all huge animal lovers!

Tell us about your own pet! How did Max join your family and what’s his personality?

I am a mom to a 10-year old English Springer Spaniel named Max. Shortly after I graduated college, I decided to take on the responsibility/reward of pet parenting, and he’s been by my side ever since—through 5+ moves and two cities. He is a bit nervous around new people and animals, but warms up really quickly and has the biggest heart. If I had to rate his cuddling skills on a scale of 1-10 he’d score an 11. I do have to be careful what I leave within his reach, though. Over the years he has learned some new skills in attempts to reach food items, including unzipping suitcases and backpacks with his mouth. He once somehow got up onto a huge kitchen island and ate an entire gingerbread house while I was gone for a couple of hours. He is shameless.

11/10 Best Cuddler


What is your favorite part about working for such a unique industry?

Other than being surrounded (previously in person, now virtually) by people who love animals as much as I do, working in this industry has seriously increased by geography IQ. Before the pandemic, I was a weekly bar trivia participant. It’s definitely made me a more valuable player on my team (which *humblebrag* often placed top three at Pinthouse Pizza South Lamar).

What do you think is the most common misconception about moving your pet internationally?

I think one big misconception people have is that better or more direct routing for humans will translate into a good routing plan for a pet. For example, we choose certain airlines that we know will have layovers in airports where a pet can get some relief and take a break from a very long international journey. Where a human would ideally want a non-stop from Dallas to Singapore, for example, it is often in the pet’s best interest to take a different flight that allows for a break. christina petting a deer

As part of the marketing team, you really had your work cut out for you sending a message to our clients about the changes with COVID-19. Why was it so important to you that PetRelocation stay ahead of the curve?

We take a lot of pride in the level of service we provide to pet parents all over the world, and a big thing that sets us apart is our ability to find logistic solutions when nobody else can. But, like many, we were navigating our first pandemic, and with so many unknowns it was really important that our marketing team pivot to communicate new realities and scrap anything that no longer aligned with the state of pet travel and the world in general. Addressing that immediately was a huge priority, because so many pet owners searching for help with pet travel end up on our website and seek our expertise. It’s been a year of constant change and keeping a strong line of communication between our consultants, coordinators and marketing team has been imperative now more than ever, when the whole world is continuously adapting to something most people haven’t seen in our lifetime.

When you aren’t spreading the word about PetRelocation, what do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m not working, I am playing sand volleyball. I met most of my best friends here through the sport, and there’s a huge volleyball community in Austin. With leagues during the week and most weekends dedicated to tournaments, I stay busy. To say I’m obsessed may be an understatement.

Christina playing Volleyball
Christina with two pro volleyball players in Austin, Texas

We love traveling here at PetRelocation. What is your favorite trip you've taken?

My favorite vacation to date is an 11-day trip I took to Japan a couple of years ago. It was incredible and there is still so much left to see and do there! There are a lot of places on my bucket list, and seeing all of our clients photos from all over the globe only adds to the wanderlust!


Thanks, Christina! 
If you're planning to travel with your pets, it's never too early to make sure you're prepared. Let us know what questions you have. 


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