Employee Spotlight: Nick Stegall

The role of relocation coordinator with PetRelocation is one that takes dedication, compassion and patience. Luckily for us, Nick Stegall embodies all of these traits. If you have moved to the UK or EU in the last year, you may have head the pleasure of discovering that yourself. In his year with PetRelocation Nick has taken on some really impressive moves, so let's get to know him a little better! 

Your dog, Gypsy, is an office favorite. Tell us about her personality and how she came to join your family.

Oh man, I could talk for days about my pup, Gypsy! I think I could fill a page with her nicknames alone: Sweet Potato, Little Toad, Itty Pitty…the list goes on and on. PetRelo has not just welcomed Gypsy, but was the reason she joined my family in the first place. When I was interviewing at PetRelocation, I made a deal with myself. If I got hired, I would finally get a pup. I started at PetRelo on a Monday, and after work that Friday, I decided to swing by the Austin Animal Center.

I was planning to just look around, see some cute faces, and head on home. Then I met Gypsy (who was called Jamboree at the time). Two hours later, I had a new pup in my house, before I even had bowls, beds, or food. She adopted me as her person instantly, but when it came to new people, she was still very wary. When I first brought her into the office, I’m not sure anyone was even able to pet her, she was so skittish. However, bringing her into work ended up being the best thing for her! Every time she came in, she became a bit more confident and a bit more courageous (thanks a whole lot to treats, toys, and the occasional pet, of course).

One year later, the words “want to go to work?” led to uncontrollable butt wiggles and tail wags. Gypsy couldn’t wait to get to the office, and as soon as she did, she would run around from desk to desk to greet all of her favorite people, tennis ball in mouth, ready for a fun day of snuggles and play. Clearly, I’m a lotta-bit in love with my pup. 


Before applying here, had you ever heard of a pet relocation company before?

I had never heard of a pet relocation company before I started working here. I feel like every time I explain my job to someone new, they ask me the same questions I had when I first heard of it: What? A company that moves pets? That’s a thing?

Then, I’ll start explaining the intricacies of vaccination requirements, international health paperwork, airline rules, government regulations, and all the other various regulatory agencies involved in the movement of a single cat or dog (not to mention birds, bunnies, and pets that fall into special categories) and the planning needed to make all of these various time-sensitive requirements happen at the exact time needed to meet all the various requirements of all the various agencies involved…And then it all starts to make sense. At which point, they often ask me the same question I asked myself once I started: What have I gotten myself into!?PetRelocation coordinator and his dog, gypsy

Tell us about a move you've helped with that stand out in your mind or that you're particularly proud of! 

Oh man, it’s so hard to think of just one! I have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing pet parents, and so many adorable pets, it’s impossible to choose a favorite. But I do have a couple of memorable moves that definitely stand out.

We had a sweet kitty who we were all ready to move from Italy to the United States, and just a few weeks before, she broke one of her little legs. It was so sad. Her mom was so worried, not just about the move, but about her sweet cat’s health. The kitty had to get external pins in her legs, which was something I’d never experienced before with a move. I knew that we had two main things to consider. First, we had to think about the little kitty’s health. Second, we had to abide by the airline regulations. We worked with the vet and airline to make sure every precaution was taken to ensure the cat was healthy enough to travel, and that the travel accommodations would keep her happy and safe throughout her flight. We were able to check every box and keep the move on schedule. The little kitty arrived home happy and healthy, and her leg ended up healing purrfectly. It was definitely a big win. 

Recently, with COVID-19, there have been so many moves that stand out. I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with so many adorable pets, and so many amazing pet parents! With limited airline routing and almost hourly routing changes, I have had multiple families make long-haul drives so their pet can find routing to meet their specific needs. Honestly, I think every move I’ve worked on recently has been memorable. It just feels amazing when you can make move magic happen in the middle of a global pandemic!

We love Austin and the culture here at PetRelo HQ. Austin is definitely a foodie destination. Tell us about some local grub you love. 

I am a big fan of breakfast, and Austin is home to my favorite breakfast place ever, Bird Bird Biscuit. Their biscuits are out of this world! But personally, I recommend the Dough-Doughs, biscuit doughnut holes tossed in cinnamon sugar. An order of those with some of their delicious coffee—there’s really nothing better.

Yum! Can't wait to try it. Thanks, Nick! 
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