Goodbye and Good Luck, Matt!

matt kincaidThis week we're saying goodbye to the very first employee hired at PetRelocation, Matt Kincaid. After 10 years in which he's shipped hundreds of pets and acted as an anchor and leader at the company, Matt is moving to Maine with his wife and two daughters to join his East Coast family in starting a new business.

We'll miss him greatly here in Austin, as his knowledge, wisdom, teamwork, and integrity have contributed so much to the success and evolution of PetRelocation.

Good luck and thanks for 10 great years, Matt! This farewell is certainly bittersweet. Here are a few memories gathered by the PetRelocation team that capture Matt's personality, dedication, and pet shipping expertise:


I will miss a number of things about Kincaid; his beat boxing skills, loud typing, constant need to move quickly (to the bus especially), and how he wears his Orioles hat in rain, snow (well, sleet really), and sunshine. However, the thing I will miss most is having his perspective on things. He has a unique ability to calm people down and remind them of the big picture in a very real way. It is so easy for us to get caught up in all of the stressful little situations that pop up throughout each day. Matt is one of the few people who has the ability to empathize with that stress and also help you get your head back in the game for the greater good. I will definitely miss having him around.—Bethany


Matt is a straight up hustler with a purpose and a heart of gold. Over the past 15 months, I am grateful to have worked with the man who embodies PetRelocation’s Core Values and who has been an integral part in forming our culture. He has always been gracious with his time and perspective for newbies needing some wisdom and guidance. Overall, I will miss his ability to pull a laugh out of nearly every meeting; his generous nature; his optimism; and the rare ability to make the workplace seem more like home with family, rather than just a place of business with coworkers. Good luck Matt!—Tom


Dear Matt,

Thank you for your great advice and support over the years. I will not forget training with you and Brad and the ice storm of February 2011. Wish you and your family the best in Maine!—Ashley

I have really enjoyed trading vegetable gardening tips and success with him, along with getting advice! He’s a great guy. :)—Penney


matt, rachel, kevin  angie in las vegas

Matt, Rachel, Kevin & Angie in 2006


Matt is an awesome co-worker because he has a great personality and a fun, positive attitude.  But I will always remember Matt as being a really good dad. Matt’s oldest daughter, Mia, was fond of Robert (our office hamster) and on a couple of occasions I sent her picture texts of Robert to her through Matt’s phone. She would send back very cute replies. When she was in the office visiting, I let her give him some treats. It was extremely adorable. Another demonstration of Matt’s fun spirit is that he helped me tune my mandolin before my first lesson and always asks me how my lessons are going.  He will be missed!—Tobi


This story goes back almost 10 years ago, when Kevin, Matt and I were the only people working at PetRelocation. Our office was a little house on a dirt road in Lakeway.

Back then Matt did all of the domestic moves and Kevin had Asia as his region. I did all other countries and accounting.

matt & angie

Matt and Angie at a relocation conference in Las Vegas in 2006

In November 2005, I snuck out of the office and went to Walmart and bought a diet coke and a pregnancy test (Still have the receipt, lol). I couldn't wait until after work so I took the test right there at the office.

Matt and Kevin were in the back room with their headsets on talking with customers on the phone. I skipped out of the bathroom and waived the positive pregnancy test around so they could both see it. Both of their jaws dropped and they smiled and gave a big thumbs up! I'm not sure if Matt remembers, but that is a day I will never forget.

It's amazing to look back and think about all that's happened since then.

I have had the honor to see Matt evolve over the last decade as a husband, father, and a wonderful human being. Thank you Matt for all of the memories! This is not a goodbye, but rather a see you later! Good luck to you and Carly on the next chapter. We love you and will see you in Maine!




matt & keith

Matt and Keith

I certainly don’t have just one cherished memory, but will deeply miss navigating the “sand traps” of day-to-day office life with him. As my manager he wasn’t always easy on me, and never lost focus of keeping the company’s best interests as a main priority. His wife, daughters, pets, and future vegetables are in good hands.— Keith


My favorite memory of Matt was when I went to Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar to see Uncle Bruno (Matt's band) perform. It was a raucous show, where the band eventually got up on the bar and jammed out. By the end of the night, Kincaid and I were a few sheets to the wind and hung out on the porch with Stevie Wonder’s drummer.

What I’ll miss most about Matt is being his #1 Chop Buster. Since he joined corporate, I have taken much joy in pushing his buttons each and every day. Now, I will only have my own buttons to push…:) —Joe


I met Matt for the first time in May of 2006 when I interviewed at PetRelocation. At that time, PetRelocation’s staff consisted of its co-founders, Kevin and Angie, and Matt, its first employee. Let’s just say things were a little more lenient with the interview process back then, as Matt asked me hard hitting questions like “What album do you currently have in your car’s CD player?” I remember being really embarrassed because I had the Backstreet Boys Black & Blue album (it wasn’t mine, I swear!) but feeling compelled to tell the truth anyway. Matt gave me a hard time for that, but I still got the job.

matt & rachel

Matt and Rachel

This led to me having the fun, rewarding, and inspiring experience of working with Matt for the last nine years. When I first started, Matt was a true coach, teaching me the ropes of how to ship pets. Back then we used paper file folders to keep track of all of our shipments, and he showed me how to write out my logistics plan on the front of the file folder. On my first day, at around noon, Matt asked me if I wanted anything from the gas station. Our old office was about 30 miles outside of Austin and had limited access to stores and restaurants – the gas station was the closest place to buy lunch. I declined, having brought my lunch that day, but Matt and I enjoyed many trips to the gas station over the years – BBQ Fritos for him, Easy Mac for me. On Fridays, at around 4 PM, we’d power down our computers and we would all clean the office together: our CEO mopping the floors while Matt vacuumed and I scrubbed the toilets.

I have had some fun times with Matt, like the time during my first year when we went to Las Vegas for a conference and rode in a limo on the way from the airport to the hotel (we really felt like we’d made it!). Another time, the night before Matt’s birthday, a group of us decided to turn his desk at work into a mini-golf course, complete with real grass, a water hazard, and a sand trap. Matt, an avid golfer, came in to work the next morning and worked the whole day with his mouse pad perched on the Bermuda grass desktop.


matt birthday

The 'Golf Desk'

Things have changed a lot in the 9 years we’ve worked together: we’ve moved downtown, so we have way more lunch options than just a gas station now; we have cloud-based CRM and project management tool that allows us to plan and monitor our pet moves online, instead of on a file folder; the company has grown from the four of us to nearly forty; and we now have a weekly cleaning service, whose hard work I’m certain we never take for granted.

But one thing has not changed. Matt’s loyalty, compassion, and true commitment to seeing PetRelocation succeed has always been a constant. It can be easy to get lost in in the ever-evolving and constantly shifting ecosystem that is a startup, but Matt has always remained a shelter from the storm, a touchstone to the roots of the company.

I will miss him, PetRelocation will miss him, the industry will miss him – and we can only hope they sell BBQ Fritos in Maine. —Rachel


goodbye, matt!

Good luck on your next adventure, Matt!


PetRelocation Team




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