Happy Valentine’s Day From PetRelocation.com! Why Our Pets Are Our Valentines

Most of us who work here at PetRelocation.com are devoted pet owners, and we decided to take a moment to focus on the ones we love best in honor of Valentine's Day. Meet a few of our furry friends, and find out why we adore them so…

elaine and george michael
George Michael is my Valentine by default :) as I’m single on Valentine’s Day for the first time in a long time. However, I’m not disappointed because he is hilarious and goofy, sweet and sensitive, and loves me dearly. 

-Elaine & George Michael









rachel & charlie

Charlie is my Valentine this year because he’s always glad to see me. I love the way he wags his whole body—not just his tail—when I get home. My favorite thing about Charlie is the little sigh he takes right before he falls asleep. He sounds so peaceful and content!

-Rachel & Charlie

joe and gypsy
I love Gypsy because she’s my golden girl, her birthday is on Valentine’s day, and she’s my beast friend. I am also a believer in the Dia de Los Muertos concept that Chihuahuas usher souls into heaven after they die. I’m pretty sure Gypsy is bilingual too, so there would be no spiritual language barrier. Aye!

-Joe & Gypsy













Leo is my valentine because
his little pink nose melts my heart!

-Katie & Leo








chubby charles

Chubby Charles is my other Valentine this year because she is so soft and furry! Plus she grooms herself so I never have to give her a bath – this works well for the both of us!

-Rachel & Chubby Charles

I knew that I loved Stella  christina & stella(aka “my little Buskie 

Hound”), but I no idea how much until I thought I might lose her last year. She seriously hurt her back when she tried to jump up on a

chair, but thankfully surgery was unnecessary. I was able to slowly nurse her back to health, and PetRelocation let me bring her to work so I could be there for her night and day. Stella will always be my scrappy little rescue pup…but the look in her eyes lets me know that she knows that no matter what, her mama loves her! : )  -Christina & Stella



rebecca & stryker

Why Stryker is my Valentine:

S- Silly
T- Tough and Tender
R- Runs circles when no one is looking
Y- Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
K- Keeps a stash of my things in his bed
E- Eager to please
R- Remembers every day is a day to love

-Rebecca & Stryker

jazz and angelJazz, our Lab, is our Valentine this year because she is great family dog that dutifully retrieves our paper each morning, which we appreciate, especially when it’s cold and raining.  Angel, our Boston Terrier, is also a great family dog that diligently keeps our yard free of squirrels.  They both work hard and deserve a little recognition.

-Lee, Jazz & Angel

cara & draper
Mr. Draper is my Valentine because he makes me laugh, loves to cuddle, and is handsome too. He’s always up for going out with me, whether it be to grab a bite to eat at a pet friendly café, or for some sunshine and fun at the dog park. Every day when I come home from work, he greets me with his “wiggle butt” and makes me instantly happy no matter how difficult of a day it has been. He’s the most comical creature I know, and I can’t imagine life without him!

-Cara & Draper









joe & petcho

Petcho has been with me for the last six years. Her friendly and supportive demeanor make her an amazing Valentine!

-Joe and Petcho

george, riley & aston

My three dogs are my Valentines because they are so loving and always up for anything!

-Ashley, George, Riley & Aston

caitlin & raef

Raef is my Valentine because he's a sweetheart, a faithful friend, and a charming companion. He loves to cuddle and watch movies just as much as he likes long walks and chasing tennis balls, and I actually adopted him from the shelter last Feb. 14, so it's an anniversary day, too.

-Caitlin & Raef

sarah & reba

Reba is a 19-week-old Irish Goldendoodle. Reba is my Valentine every day of the week. We love each other unconditionally, even when she's chewing on my wall. She is always excited when I get home, she appreciates that I “make” her dinner, she doesn't leave the toilet seat up and she likes to cuddle during romantic comedies. She likes Shiner Bock as much as I do and she loves all my friends. This is better than any REAL Valentine I've ever had. She's a keeper.

-Sarah & Reba

monty & gilligan
The days are always interesting! Between one
laying in a trash can and the other playing with his own poop, what’s not to love? They are my typical little rascals and yet they still know how to snuggle and make me smile.

-Bethany, Monty & Gilligan

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