Harley’s Pet Move to Australia: Day One

5:00 AM CST

A bright (well, okay, still pitch-black) start to head down to Houston to pick Harley up and get us both checked in on our Continental flight out to Los Angeles.  I've been helping Harley with her move to Australia and today is part one of her big trip!  You can read more about shipping pets to Australia on my first post about Harley here.

9:00 AM CST

I arrived at Harley’s family friend’s house to pick her up, since her owners had already moved down to Perth. A few minutes after I arrived at the house, Harley came around the corner with her fun furry friend named Forest! They had just finished up a 2 mile walk!  Walking your pet before a long flight is always a great way to help them relieve stress so they can relax while they're in the air -- just like people! Harley was very energetic and excited to meet me and you could tell she knew something was up.

We went inside for a few minutes to go over some paperwork and just double check that everything was set for Harley’s big trip. Once the paperwork checked out it was time to load Harley’s kennel into the van and secure it for the 45 minute ride to the airport. Harley was eager to hop on board and get settled in her kennel for the drive!  Her friend Forrest watched and wished her luck on her big trip.

10:30 AM CST

We arrived at the Continental Pet Safe Desk at Houston Airport; the staff here couldn’t be nicer. Harley got weighed in, and the staff processed her paperwork and got her all set for the flight to Los Angeles.  Since it was just a domestic flight from Houston to Los Angeles, the check-in process only took about 20 minutes.  Now it was time for me to head over to the main terminal to get myself checked in on the flight.  I left Harley in the great hands of Continental and let her know I'd see her in Hollywood!

1:00 PM CST

Wheels Up and on the way to LAX!  The flight was very smooth but also very full--every seat was taken. What I wouldn’t have given to get to ride down below with Harley in the live animal section!  Not only are the live animal areas on PetSafe flights climate controlled and pressurized bt down there I could stretch out and not have my toes run over by a beverage cart!

2:30 PM PST

Wheels Down safe and sound in Los Angeles. I was picked up by Will, our driver in Los ANeles, and we headed right over to the Continental Cargo area to pick-up Harley. While I was waiting for Harley I saw the staff walking a couple of dogs who were on a layover and heading out later that day to Guam. It is great to see Continental's Pet Safe program in action. Harley was all tail wags and we went for a quick walk to stretch her legs.

Once we had her loaded up in to the new natural gas van, it was off we went in the carpool lane to see the vet for her final check out. We zipped in and out of Dr. Mike’s office where Harley received and internal and external parasite treatment and her final health forms signed off on by the vet. Dr. Mike was great with Harley, and she was really loving all this attention! The USDA would finalize all of these documents with their endorsement the following day.

4:30 PM PST

We arrived at the Pacific Pet Transportation offices in Redondo Beach to drop off Harley’s final vet records and we hung out for an hour or so catching up.  Harley got most of the attention--she deserved it! It was time to check Harley in at the Kennel Club LAX, an boarding kennel just down the street from the Los Angeles airport, and get her dinner.  It's funny -- pets are just like people, aren't they?  I had to check myself in to my hotel and figure out dinner plans as well!

Tomorrow is a big day!!


PetRelocation Team




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