“How Much to Ship a Puppy?” Puppy Scams Cost Pet Lovers Thousands

Be Careful When Buying Puppies Online

You've gone online to search for a puppy and stumbled across a free Yorkie puppy named "Romeo."  Or maybe it's an adorable English Bulldog puppy with droopy eyes, or a free Pomeranian puppy named "Candy."  It might even be a free Persian or Siberian kitten or an African Grey Parrot.

The best part? The owners of the pet aren't asking for any money -- except for the shipping costs. 

Sometimes there's a sad story that goes along with the puppies, too. The puppy's owner will tell you that their daughter died and it was her puppy, or that they are adopting an orphan and won't have time to care for the puppy.

They'll probably ask you some questions meant to pull at your heartstrings and make you want to qualify to get this free puppy:

  • "Where are you located?"
  • "Are you a breeder?"
  • "Do you have kids?"
  • "Can you also promise that you will take good care of him/her?"

But they want some money to ship the puppy, and they want it sent through Western Union or MoneyGram. Many times they want you to send this money to somewhere like Cameroon, or sometimes it will be California or another US state.

Every day, PetRelocation takes phone calls from people who have been victims of puppy scams. It all seems so reasonable, just to pay the shipping costs. People want to know how much PetRelocation will charge to arrange the shipping and we have to explain that there is no puppy. The puppy scammers will not release the puppy to a reputable company like ours because the puppy does not exist. They only want to get your money, however small amount, in cash.

Here are some names of fraudulent companies and email addresses we have identified:

  • USA PET RELOCATION Delivery Service
  • IntPetRelocators
  • pets_relocators_delivery@mail.com
  • leslieeve26@yahoo.com
  • petshipping_agency@mail.com
  • chrisnoble70@yahoo.com.au
  • sera.eve80@yahoo.com

UPDATE: Please Read!

Comments Policy

If you have been scammed by a puppy shipper, feel free to post your correspondence in the "comments" section below this post as others have done, as it will help to deter the criminals. 

However, please delete any of your own personal contact information from the correspondence you are copy/pasting into your comment prior to posting your comment.

Many scammers are considered to be dangerous and it is important not to publish your name, address and phone number online. If you have posted your own information and would like it removed, please email us (blog[at]petrelocation[dot]com) to let us know your name and the information you'd like removed.

"I have been scammed, what can I do to report the scammer?"

  1. Put as much information about the scammer as possible in the comments section below, including:
    • Email address of the scammer
    • Western Union name that the money was sent to (or that they asked the money be sent to)
    • Phone numbers/addresses given by the scammer
    • Any other information
  2. Fax a letter of complaint to the US Embassy in Cameroon (if you were scammed by someone in Cameroon):
    The United States Embassy in Cameroon
    Phone: (237) 2220-1500
    Fax (237) 2220-1500x4531
  3. File a report with your local law enforcement and with your local FBI office.

Read more about puppy scams on our blog and via IPATA.org, and if you run across a scammer who claims to be using our company to ship you a nonexistant pet, feel free to contact us and let us know!

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2010 and has been updated with new information.


PetRelocation Team





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i’m trying to buy a pure bred german shepherd buf i don’t know if this is a scam: Hello    Thanks for contacting me regarding my puppies. I still have both of them available. I have one male and one female. They do well with kids and other animals. They are well socialized and also trained. They will come with pedigree and all papers. They are very interesting and love to play around with people. I am giving them out for adoption . All i need for them is just a loving and caring home where they will live forever. To choose the best home for these puppies , i will like to ask some few questions .Will you like to take both puppies or just one ?Do you have experience with pets ?Where are you located ?What is your phone number ?Do you have other pets at home presently ?When will you like to have the puppies ?Do you have kids ?Can you please tell me more about you and you family.Sorry for asking all this questions but i just need to know the kind of home which the puppies will be going into. i need the best for these puppies. I hope to get your response with the answers as soon as possible. Was great reading about your commitment to take care of my babies. You will own them forever. We will not be taking them back. We are convinced they will be perfect at your home. He/She will be your new prince or princess! They will come with a feeding and grooming manual prepared by our vet, some toys and especially their vaccination records up to date!Actually, our main reason for giving them out is because we moved out of town. We picked up better jobs here in Texas and last week we relocated. Our new environment is not pet friendly, so we prefer they move back to their normal habitat and birthplace. We already made pre-arrangements with a pet delivery courier here that will aide their relocation efficiently, and with First class services. Everything will cost you just the $550 for both, and $300 for one. If we can start the delivery arrangements today then you will have them by today of tomorrow.I will be needing the following information from you.Full names....................... Address............... City....................... State.................... Postal code...................... Phone number..............  Closest airport.....................which of the puppies do you want ? male or female ?Thank you again for accepting to take care of my babies. You made the right choice, and your family will live happier! Have a blessed day!

By MG on April 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

Honestly, I think they just using similar story... And they always have female and male, the same questions... I would stay away from it.Thanks so much for the mail and interest regarding the puppies we have. We have one male and one female puppy now available and they are 12 weeks old, they have very good a temperament with kids and other pets. Very playful love to play around with toys and kids, they are healthy guaranteed and A KC registered. They are up to date on all their shots and de-worming and they will be coming along side with their health papers and vet records. First I wish to let you know that we are giving these puppies out because my mum just died. She is located in OKLAHOMA and we are all here now. She was the owner of these cute little babies. Since she is no more , We can't keep the puppies here in such conditions because each time we see them, we keep thinking of her. So, we want to give them out to a lovely and caring home, where they can be treated with love and care by doing so we will like you to keep us updated on their monthly progress. These puppies will be coming from OKLAHOMA But if you would be able to come over here for the pick up ,we shall be very grateful, but if you can't come , we can make arrangements for home delivery service and they will get the puppies delivered at your doorstep. Below are some questions we have;Where are you located? Do you have any kids ? Have you ever owned a pet before ? Had this breed of puppy before? Why are you interested in this breed? How soon do you need the puppies over? Which sex are you interested in or do you want both? We will like them to go together in the same home if possible, but will you be able to take them both?Sorry for all the questions, but we just want to be sure that these puppies are going to the right home and they will be having all the love and attention they need. We are giving each out for $500 including the delivery fee and that is all you will be paying. If still interested contact us back for more details of the puppies and picture.

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Hello? Any updatesHellThanks for the love and interest you have for my puppies. They are well trained,sociable, akc registered and go along with kids and other pets. Health Guarantee Current on Vaccines Home-raised Vet Checked Clean Bill of Health. 12 weeks old . ??Where are you located??okay sounds great i just relocated to El Paso texas for my surgery and actually we are not selling this puppies we giving them for adoption since am on my surgery and no one to take very good care of the puppies but we can arrange for delivery and you have the puppies deliver to you todayi can have the baby register and you have him deliver today

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