How Will ‘Brexit’ Affect Pet Travel?

union jackYou've almost certainly heard the news: the citizens of Britain have voted to leave the European Union, a decision that will create ripple affects around the world in terms of trade, economics and international relations.

This move could also affect pet travel to and from the United Kingdom, and while no official details are available yet, this is an issue that PetRelocation will keep close tabs on in the coming weeks and months. 

If you have a pet move planned to or from the UK, feel free to contact Jon, our dedicated UK Pet Relocation Consultant, if you have any questions or concerns. Jon is happy to discuss your travel plans with you and will remain up to date on all import and export regulations as any changes are announced. Feel free to give Jon a call directly at +1-512-362-6131.

As always, it is the goal of PetRelocation to help pets travel as safely and smoothly as possible, and we will be following all Britain pet travel developments closely. Check back with us for updates and let us know if you have any questions, thoughts or tips. 

(Photo: Reuters)


PetRelocation Team




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