Military Wife Blogs About Pet Moving Experiences - We stumbled across an interesting blog by a military wife & member of the Army who has chronicled her pet moves overseas and offers some great first-hand tips about crates, routing and airline pet policies (lots of the same information we have been talking about!).

Price is definitely something to keep in mind when planning a TDY or PCS move. Dedicating your life to the military is not always an easy decision but it becomes even more difficult when pets are involved—suddenly you have to figure out how to move around the world at a moment’s notice and not only do you have to worry about your own family, but also your four-legged friends. We offer a 10% military discount for all relocations for the Armed Forces, but we also always extend our free consultations and customer service as best we can to people who might be facing a move to a new country and are unable to afford the full door-to-door service.

Check her blog out here, and feel free to share some of your experiences with moving overseas in our comments section.


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