Pet Move of the Month: Harley’s Pet Relocation to Australia

We're happy to announce our Pet Move of the Month for October - it's Harley! We recently helped this happy dog fly from Houston all the way to Perth, Australia.

If you've been following our blog for the past few days, you saw that Scotty, our Australia pet shipping specialist, traveled from Houston to Los Angeles with Harley. Scotty kept her company and took lots of pictures along the way, proving that even though moving a pet to Australia may seem a bit overwhelming, it can all run pretty smoothly with the proper planning.

Here's what Scotty had to say when he and Harley parted ways in Los Angeles:

"I had been working with Harley and her owners for the six months leading up to her trip, and Harley and I became pretty good pals during our two day trip from Houston to Los Angeles.  So it certainly felt bittersweet to see her off but I knew that she'd arrive in Australia safely -- after all our hard work, it was impossible for her not to!  Plus, I knew how excited her owners were to see her after being separated from her for a while.  I could see why they missed her:  she was a very easy traveler (not once did she complain) and her tail was always wagging."

For the full account, read about Day 1 and Day 2 of Harley's big adventure and take a look at "5 Things to Watch Out For When Shipping a Pet to Australia" - helpful advice for anyone considering making such a move.


Congratulations, Harley! It's been fun getting to know you and we wish you the best of luck in your new home!


PetRelocation Team




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