Pet Travel Spotlight: Singapore Pet Quarantine

dog hugs in singapore quarantineExploring Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station in Singapore

It's usually one of the first questions we hear from future clients: "Will my pet need to go to quarantine?"

Not every country requires that incoming pets fulfill a quarantine period, but for those who, do it's important to know that the facilities aren't the scary places many people imagine them to be.

Take Singapore, for example. We've helped several pets move to Singapore, and the photos and stories pet owners send us during and after their pets' stays reveal green grass, clean facilities, and an overall pleasant operation. Scroll down for a few photos from Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station to see for yourself.

Note that this particular facility can be hard to get into, so it's important to reserve your space well in advance of your trip. Please contact us if you have any questions about Singapore pet quarantine, and be sure to read about Purrla, Buddy, and all the other pets we've moved to Singapore.





Read more about pet transport options to Singapore and contact us if you need help planning your pet's move!


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