PetRelocation Employee Profile: Kristian, Senior Accounting Specialist

kristianNot everyone at PetRelocation is directly involved with arranging pet move logistics, but each team member, in some way, helps to provide our clients with an incredible experience.

Kristian, a Senior Accounting Specialist here at the company (she was recently promoted—congrats, Kristian!), is deeply involved in the activities of the company and helps each move happen behind the scenes.

Read on to find out more about Kristian and her time at PetRelocation.

Why did you decide to apply to PetRelocation initially?

I had just graduated from college and was flooding the market with resumes. I shot off my resume to this cool sounding place, thinking it would be a long shot; I had some experience, but a degree in Anthropology. After I hit “submit” on that application, I decided to look into the company a little more and see what I was potentially getting myself into. Once I realized the mission of PetRelocation, I jumped at my email and phone at every notification hoping for a response.

What skills from your previous work experience do you think are most useful in your current role here?

Juggling! Well, not actual juggling. I’ve worked at a fast food joint, an emergency room admissions desk, and as an office manager for a music lesson company. Each of these roles had drastic ranges of responsibility, so I learned to take each day in stride and know that I might have to wear several different hats throughout each day and still maintain professionalism (and a little sanity). I bounce between payables, receivables, and some quality control, and do my best to keep folks happy along the way.

What has been your favorite story to tell others about life at PetRelocation?

My favorite thing about working at PetRelocation is simply telling people that I work for PetRelocation. I have this whole spiel I drop on people when they first ask what I do. “Oh, I’m an accountant for a company called PetRelocation. We facilitate global pet moves, so if your job were to relocate you to Abu Dhabi, you can take Fido, too! Take your best furry friend wherever life takes you! That’s what I help do.”

I usually get the standard “What’s the craziest animal you’ve moved?” I really like telling the story of the zebra move from earlier in 2015. The day to day becomes a little less important when folks understand we keep families together.

Kristian and her dog niece Pita

This summer you were here while the company was conducting a search for a new controller, and you were responsible for reviewing, approving and processing all the move contracts for Finance during the busiest time of the year. What did you learn from that experience?

I had to learn to trust myself. The company put a lot of faith in me and trusted I was doing the best I could do. Of course I made mistakes, but I just had to roll with them and fix what I could and not be hard on myself. We made it through, and I didn’t destroy anything! I pulled through and proved to myself and everyone else that I am nothing if not capable and adaptable. 

There was been a lot of automation and technology advances in PetRelocation over the last year. How has that impacted the work you do today?

The advances around here in the last couple of years have been pretty remarkable. When I first started, the fully manual approach to my day to day work was admittedly tedious and prevented me from working on projects, joining the fun clubs and groups we have, or improving processes for my department. The biggest impact was the implantation of the online payment system – no more manually entering payments! Once that was taken off my plate, it opened me up to help change some other processes to make things more streamlined and ease workloads all around. It’s been a ride! 


Kristian and her cat Lucy

What has been the biggest surprise or change you have seen in the company since you became part of the team?

Our big move! I have never been with a company during an office move before and had no idea how it would all change. Previously, I was in a separate office and didn’t have much interaction with the rest of the team every day. Now, I get to see everyone all day every day and hear about the impact my teammates have on peoples’ lives. It’s been a really fun transition! 

What do you think will change about pet travel in the next five years?

I think the culture of pet ownership is constantly changing and so pet travel will have to change, too. More and more people are moving and want to take their pets with them, so I am confident the volume of pets shipped around the world will increase. 

What advice to you have for people who want to join the company?

Prepare for unique experiences! There’s a whole world of pet shipping that you don’t realize is happening out there.

What do you wish other people knew about the PetRelocation that we don’t already share?

We really, really are the crazy pet people of the world. People joke about the “crazy cat lady,” but we do what we do because we understand the connection people have with their animals. We do this because we care.

What’s your best hidden talent?

I rock some random trivia. I have so much useless knowledge in my head, my family flat out refuses to play Trivial Pursuit with me. 


Lucy at the office

What TV show is your guilty pleasure and why?

Lip Sync Battle. I’m also an epic lip-syncer, and watching celebrities go all out to put on a fake performance of pop songs is a beautiful experience!

If you could pick a famous animal, any famous animal, to be your family pet, which animal would that be and why?

Let me preface this by saying PRIMATES ARE NOT PETS. However, if I could bring Koko the gorilla to live with me, I would. She epitomizes the intelligence and adaptability of our non-human ancestors and exhibits so much compassion! Also, she loves kittens. How can you go wrong?

Say you have friends coming into Austin for the weekend. What one thing do they absolutely need to do or see so they can get the “Keep Austin Weird” experience?

I think it depends on the weekend! Eeyore’s Birthday Party is one of my favorite things in Austin. It IS the ultimate “Keep Austin Weird” experience.

Hollywood wants to make a movie about your life. Who do they cast to play you?

Aubrey Plaza.

Thanks, Kristian!

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