PetRelocation Employee Profile: Vanessa, Supplier Relationship Manager

VanessaVanessa Crues joined the PetRelocation team in early 2014, and as a Client Care Specialist has helped dozens of families reunite with their pets after life circumstances made a relocation necessary.

Because her interests lie in improving processes as well as helping to arrange the logistics of safe pet moves, Vanessa recently applied for the position of Supplier Relationship Manager when PetRelocation decided to make this an official title, and this week she officially transitioned into this new role. (Fun fact: Vanessa also just got married a few weeks ago. Congrats, Vanessa!)

As part of our Employee Profile series, we asked Vanessa to share a few of her ideas about the world of pet travel and what she thinks the future holds for this dynamic industry.

What has been your favorite story to tell others about the working experience at PetRelocation?

It’s really comforting to realize that all these families love their pets and really consider them a part of their families, and I can really relate to my clients because little Buttercup and Kobe (pictured below) are my babies! Because of this I love telling all my reunion stories; a lot of people will send in pictures and videos of their pet’s arrival and the happiness on everyone’s face reassures me that all the hard work was worth it! 

You started as a Client Care Specialist when you joined the company and now you will become our first Supplier Relationship Manager. What made you decide this was a role you wanted to fill?

Being a Client Care Specialist and working with our vendors daily made me realize what an integral part of the company they are. I also realized that there are a lot of opportunities for improvement with these relationships. I wanted to become the Supplier Relationship Manager because I think I can help improve communication, grow our vendor network, and help to make some processes run more smoothly.

What is the first project you will tackle in this new role?

I want to start working on the vendor onboarding process and training. With the help of the shipping team I was able to put together an amazing training guide, and I cannot wait to implement it and onboard new vendors.

What do you think will change about pet travel in the next five years?

Pets are such a huge part of millions of families’ lives around the world. The more and more people relocate with their pets, the better the service will become around this need. I think that in the next five years more airlines will improve their pet travel services and it will become easier to travel with your pet all around the world.

vanessa collage

What do you wish other people knew about the company?

PetRelocation is a fun place to work! We have a great and relaxed work environment and awesome company culture! At least monthly there is some kind of fun activity planned by different departments to remind all of us that you can work hard and play just as hard! My absolute favorite part is that you can bring your pet to work—I love being surrounded by sweet doggies every day!

What’s your best hidden talent?

I can do accents really well. If I hear any accent I can imitate it.

What is your favorite ‘guilty pleasure’?

I love to eat good food! I love trying new food and going out to eat. I will try just about anything as long as it’s delicious.

Say you have friends coming into Austin for the weekend. What one thing do they absolutely need to do or see so they can get the “Keep Austin Weird” experience?

I would have to say they would have to eat a lot!! When you come to Austin you have to have BBQ, and I would highly recommend Stiles Switch BBQ.  Gourdough’s is also an amazing donut food truck must try. We just have so many good food trucks, restaurants and bars in town, so come hungry!

Hollywood wants to make a movie about your life. Who do they cast to play you?

Mila Kunis—she is so goofy and I would like to think that’s how people think of me!

Thanks, Vanessa! Learn more about the PetRelocation team, and be sure to contact us if you're interested in finding out more about traveling with your pet.


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