Employee Spotlight: Tobi Ditmore

When Tobi Ditmore first interviewed with PetRelocation in April 2013, one quality about her that was immediately evident to the team was her meticulous attention to detail. Nothing slips past her when it comes to the logistics coordination that is an essential part of every pet move Tobi ever supervised. In her tenure here, Tobi has worn many hats. Her dedication to detail and the team has been so valuable within this organization. 

One coworker wrote, “She is always there to help the team and accomplish any task that is needed, and she comes up with out-of-the-box and creative solutions when there is no clear solution at hand.” Teamwork is one of the core values we uphold at PetRelocation, and Tobi doesn’t try to live it, it just comes to her naturally.

So, let's take a moment to get to know Tobi a little better in this month's employee spotlight! 

What made you decide to apply to work at PetRelocation? 

I had been working at a large technology company for 13 years and was feeling unfulfilled in my day-to-day work. I moved around to several different departments and nothing seemed to bring me joy.  I don’t mind stress and pressure and work well with deadlines, but I cannot thrive professionally or personally if I feel like I’m just a cog.  I wanted to have a real mission and a shorter time to see the results of my work.

LAX Kennel Club van

"I love working for this company.  We manage the transport of animals that a human being loves with their whole heart from one place to another. We deal with so many changes out of our control to make sure that families are reunited when they have to move. We live for the family reunion —for the moment that a pet is safely back with their person or people."- Tobi Ditmore, Accounting Specialist

What would you say is the most important thing for a pet owner to consider when beginning to plan their move?

Knowing your pet’s current microchip and vaccination status. We cannot get the ball rolling until we know if your pet has a readable microchip or a current rabies vaccine.  If you do not have an established vet or are unaware of your pet’s vaccine status we can still give you a timeline, but in some cases, it could result in delays of the pet’s ideal departure date.


Obviously, we're all about pets here! Tell us about your pet. How did Gus join your family? What's his personality like?

Gus joined our family because his sisters brought me so much happiness every day that I just wanted more of it (Tobi adopted two Basset hounds previous to good boy Gus).  I also wanted a little boy so the girls could help me raise him. Gus toggles between super chill, independent, and laid back to very needy and whiny. He’s a Mama’s boy.

Tobi and Gus with a Basset Hound flag

What is your favorite story to tell about working at PetRelocation? Does any move stand out to you?

My favorite story is hands-down the story of moving Wobbles and Bean – two call ducks we moved from California to the UK.  We move mostly cats and dogs with the occasional horse, snake, hamster or guinea pig, but had never moved ducks. It was the first time I had to research a move from start to finish. It did not go flawlessly because everyone involved with the process from the veterinarian to customs agents had never been involved with a duck relocation. But they arrived safely to their mom, on-time. That was very rewarding! 

What was your biggest surprise when you started working in the pet shipping industry?

How much it changes. Everyday. Even though we are leaders in this industry, we have to adapt as roadblocks arise– airline strikes, weather, pandemics.  This industry is not about learning something new, it’s about what IS new today.


How would you say that COVID-19 has affected the world of relocating pets?

COVID-19 has affected our industry profoundly. In the beginning, there was such an abundance of caution because it was unknown if pets could carry the virus or if it was just humans. Then human relocations started being affected which meant pet moves were delayed or canceled. It was back in March and still is to this day a lot of wait-and-see based on virus statistics and reactions to airline and government operations. It’s more far-reaching than anyone might assume.

When you’re not working hard to make sure our team is prepared, what are some of your hobbies?

I love volunteering. I currently volunteer with Forgotten Friends Mixed Breed Rescue and at the Central Texas Pig Rescue (with co-worker Nina Faber) feeding and socializing with 230+ pigs that have been rescued from cruelty seizures, hoarding situations, or owner surrender. 

We’re all about travel here at PetRelocation! What are some of the most exciting vacation spots you've been to?

My husband and I love to travel and take road trips.  We have an RV and we take our dog Gus with us everywhere.  He’s a great camper dog. This summer we drove from our home in Texas out to California and then to South Dakota.  Mount Rushmore was incredible – it’s a real engineering marvel and as we also learned a passion project for sculptor Gutzon Borglum.

What celebrity pet would you love to meet?

The Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas

Hollywood wants to make a movie about your life. Who do they cast to play you?

I would have to insist on playing myself because I’m not sure anyone else could capture my strange and adorable accent that is half-Louisiana, half-Texas.

Thanks for all you do, Tobi! Find out more about working at PetRelocation on our Team page.


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