Pets in Turkey!

Istanbul was raised from Ashes, for it was where gods pets (animals of course), were bred. So the Turkish people have there own liking and disliking towards pets. The Turkish dogs Akbash and Karabash are common among the countryside of Turkey. Akbash means white head & Kara bash means black head. Akbash is used for protecting the livestock in the rural Turkey. Where as in Eastern Turkey, the region is very dry. So Akbash cant perform better. That is where Karabash dogs are found. The common pet dogs like Labrador, Pomeranian, are not usually found in these areas.

But the Turkish seem to be more of feline lovers than dog lovers. In fact many tourists write that the Hotel managers themselves gift cats as parting gifts. And the famous feline is the Ankara cat and Van cat. Van cats are very easy to train, if treated sensibly, and have great liking towards humans. There are many legends about cats. It is believed that the Ankara and Van cat had helped an angel to heal its wounds. The Egyptian legend says that the god cats came from Turkey and reside in the pyramids, and they can see the deceased. So when in Turkey donҒt forget to cajole and play with these

Turkey lies exactly between Asia and Europe. So it is an Asian and European country, though it hasnt been officially part of EU. To take a pet to Turkey, your pet will have to be examined by your veterinarian. The testing and documentation should not be delayed more than the time limit of 48 hours before the date of travel. Though the authorities are liberal with the tourists owning pets, any outspread caused by them is not a forgivable mistake.

Your pet will need to have an identification microchip inserted. So if you your pet is small in size and some animals canҒt endure an alien item in their body, you better consult your veterinarian and decide. The microchip is for tracking the animal if lost or if the animal is responsible for any outspread of disease. Moreover it is always better to obtain an import certificate if you are arranging cat travel or dog travel to Turkey.

Now all these documents need to be duly verified and signed by authorities and responsible people within 48 hours before the date of pet travel.

So good luck to you and your much loved catty, doggy, birdie, fishie or other pet


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