Thank you for helping me and my pet!

Name: Bonnie
Pet’s Name: Bella
From: Maryland
To: Hong Kong 

Bella, a 6-month old Shih Tzu, is my little princess, so I would never have left her behind when I decided to move back to Hong Kong from the U.S.. was the first thing that came up when I searched on google for pet moving tips. After seeing so many good reviews on their website, I knew my search was over.  My agent was Cara Scott. Before I made my final decision, I asked her a ton of questions and she was very patient with me. About one month before I left the States, I signed the contract with PetRelocation for helping me move my baby across half of the world. The welcome package you get has all the labels, water bowls, funnels, and forms that you need. Cara even sent me informat ion for getting the qualified crate. Ten days before Bella’s departure, she had to visit the vet to get the health certificates signed. WHILE I was at the vet, Cara was on the phone with me to make sure ALL the documents were perfect. I was really impressed by this procedure.  The health certificates endorsement process was smooth and super fast. They even provide you with a Fedex overnight envelope for you to send all the papers to USDA and a shipping label for them to send everything back to PetRelocation. Everything was done after one weekend. That was a big relief for me.  PetRelocation provided a lot of great and efficient services, including boarding service before Bella’s flight, so she wouldn’t arrive at Hong Kong way earlier than I did. My favorite part was that whenever you call, your agent would always pick up the phone before the third ring and answer whatever questions you h ave. Such experience did not happen to me very often, so I was very happy with that.  Their agent in Hong Kong gave me a call as soon as he picked up Bella at the airport. Two hours later, she was at her new home, all excited and happy. That was one of my greatest moments in my life.  My advice for you is that, make sure you ask all the questions you need to, because you love your pets and you want them to be safe and comfortable during their move. Also, start the process as early as you can, so you would have more time to talk to your agent about your pet’s specific needs. From all the good reviews they get, I don’t think you can go wrong with’s pet travel services. Hope you can bring your pet to whatever place you’re moving to and live with your baby happily ever after!

Pet moving to Hong Kong


PetRelocation Team




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