YouEarnedIt & PetRelocation Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Supporting each other – particularly when the safety of a pet or the happiness of client is involved—  is an important part of PetRelocation’s corporate culture. Given that our full-time staff is under 50 employees, one of the qualities we prize is a willingness to help out even if the need or task is not part of a person’s day-to-day role.

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Equally important is how we acknowledge and thank each other for going above and beyond, or simply doing something that embodies our core values. One of the tools we’ve used with great success the last 2+ years has been YouEarnedIt. The staff loves being able to give each other reward points in the moment and without having to go through an approval process first. Having the ability to cash in those points and select what gift they want is an employee benefit that the staff loves here.

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On March 1, YouEarnedIt announced a contest to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day (March 4), inviting people to nominate a coworker for special recognition. By the end of the business day they had received more than 300 submissions, with more rolling in after hours. Their team went through a review process, removing all references in the write-ups to that would reveal the specific company, and then after reading and voting on the submissions, they went through elimination brackets to end up with two winners.

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We're happy to report that one of the winners was our own Anna Dohogne! Here is the submission PetRelocation sent in about Anna:

“There are a lot of great people at PetRelocation, and I could think of five right off the top of my head who I could cheerfully nominate for extra appreciation. But, when I think of a person who always has a positive attitude, who wants to help others succeed and who is not afraid to step in and take on extra work—well outside expected duties and on her own initiative—to make the workplace better for other people, a clear choice is Anna Dohogne.

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Anna is a department assistant at PetRelocation who also serves as a member or our Culture Club, volunteers for activities like decorating the office for the holidays, and she was part of the team that coordinated our office move at the end of the summer. Anna gets stressed, just like we all do from time to time, but she always comes to work in the morning with a smile on her face and looks for ways to help the department get things done so we can fulfill our client needs with professionalism and on time.

She just celebrated her one year anniversary last month, but it feels like Anna's been part of the team far longer than that. She's a dedicated, hard worker. She's been acknowledged by her peers as a value leader when it comes to teamwork and integrity. She's a role model. Nuff Said.”

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Team members from YouEarnedIt, including their VP of Marketing Tim Ryan and Co-Founder/CEO Autumn Manning, surprised Anna by dropping in at PetRelocation’s offices on Friday afternoon to present her with a party box filled with goodies and donuts from Voodoo Doughnut.

All of us at PetRelocation want to thank YouEarnedIt for providing the opportunity to celebrate one of our own and for sharing in the fun! It was a great way to end the week and something we know Anna will remember for a long time!


Kelley Barnes

Director, Human Resources & Talent Management


PetRelocation Team




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