Bringing Pets to Australia: Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions? We have answers! Here are some of the most common questions we receive from pet owners planning a move to Australia:

Why does it take 180 days when other countries require shorter timelines?

It can take up to 180 days for an animal infected with the rabies virus to show signs of the disease. During this time there is no reliable way to tell if the animal has been infected. As stated on the DAFF website, the import of cats and dogs from rabies-endemic countries is one of the highest risk pathways for rabies to enter Australia, which is considered a rabies-free country. For this reason, import conditions require cats and dogs entering from rabies-endemic countries to be vaccinated against rabies and show proven immunity to the disease for at least 180 days before entry. 

Can my cat or dog travel in cabin with me? Are there any exceptions for service animals?

Your cat or dog must travel to Australia as manifest cargo, which allows for traceability of your cat or dog.

In our many years of shipping pets, we've never seen an exception to standard regulations granted for service animals. However, importers can apply for a permit to import an assistance dog by providing vidence that their dog is trained to assist a person with a disability to alleviate the effect of the disability. You can read the department’s assistance dog eligibility criteria here.

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