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Shipping A Dog To Australia: Bridger’s Story

When dog-mom Kathryn started to plan her move to Australia, she realized she could use some help when it came to the relocation of her dog, Bridger. So, she called PetRelocation! Working with Bridger and Kathryn was a joy. Here'…

Bringing Dogs into Australia: Theodore’s Story

Moving from across the world can be stressful, and it helps to have someone to talk to that knows about the process. That's what dog mom, Suzie, found out when trying to get help with moving their dog, Theodore.…

Moving Dogs to the UK: Coco’s Relocation

Coco the Maltipoo is not only cute, but also very well-traveled! This sweet dog made the big move from the United States all the way to the United Kingdom earlier this year. Her parents took the time to let…

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