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PetRelocation and Shipping Cats: 5 Happy Tails

Each year PetRelocation moves hundreds of four-legged friends, and while we usually hear canines referred to as "man's best friend," we cannot forget about our feline pals who warm the hearts of their pet parents each day. So, move…

Shipping Cats to the UK: Maggie and Marv’s Big Trip

Cat mom Amy had her hands full and needed help getting her two adorable kitties, Marv and Maggie, from San Francisco to the United Kingdom. Luckily, PetRelocation takes furbabies of all shapes and sizes to the UK each week! Maggie…

Pet Move of the Month: Dutch Moves to Zanzibar!

Tell us about Dutch! How did he end up joining your family? What kind of dog is he, and what’s his personality like? He joined our family on a wet and snowy February morning in 2018. Maybe it…

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