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"Is a Rabies Titer Test Required for United States Pet Travel?"

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 by Pet Travel Questions

Hi PetRelocation,

I'm moving from Angola to Texas with my dog. Is the titer test required?





Hi Yohanny,

Thanks, great question! The titer test is generally required for countries that are very strict about staying rabies-free or low-rabies, and though pets are required to be vaccinated against rabies, the titer test is not required for United States pet imports.

The United States is actually one of the easiest countries to move a pet -- take a look at the rules and requirements here....

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Top Pet Travel Destinations: Singapore Pet Travel FAQs

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 by Top Pet Travel Destinations

singapore pet travel spotlight part one

Moving to Singapore with a pet can seem overwhelming at first (especially because you're probably busy planning all the details of your own relocation), but with the right preparation and assistance it can be a smooth transition. 

In the first installment of our Singapore Pet Travel Spotlight, we take a look at a few of the most frequently asked questions about the Singapore pet import process and share advice gathered from our pet relocation experts. Read on to get started in the right...

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How to Ship a Dog Safely From Kenya to the United States

Friday, April 15, 2016 by Pet Travel Questions

To Whom It May Concern,

I will be relocating from Nairobi, Kenya to the US next month and want to bring my dog (2 year old miniature poodle). She is 11 kg and thus is not able to go in the cabin, unfortunately. I am very stressed about her safety as she has never traveled before and it is a long trip. The only flight available is KLM (Nairobi to Amsterdam), a three hour layover, and then Delta (Amsterdam to US).

I am concerned about the Delta leg of the flight, as the reviews online are not very...

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Pooches, Planes, and Problems: How to Make International Pet Travel Easier

Monday, April 11, 2016 by Pet Travel News

Riley in London"Why is it so hard to take a pooch on a plane?" That's the excellent (and frustrating) question explored in a recent NPR story.

In this nail-biting travel tale, author Donatella Lorch describes the complicated process of bringing her Rhodesian Ridgeback Biko safely from Kenya to Nepal to Turkey, and her worries about safety and basic logistical details will sound familiar to anyone who has every contemplated international pet travel.

Traveling with a pet internationally means following a...

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Pet Move of the Month: Gabo's Move From Puerto Rico to Singapore

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 by PetRelocation.com Customer

GaboMeet Gabo, our April Pet Move of the Month! We had fun getting to know Gabo the English Bulldog during the weeks before his move from Puerto Rico to Singapore, and because he has such a great story (not to mention such a cute face), we thought all of our readers would like to meet him, too.

Read on to find out how he got ready for his relocation, what his mom did to prepare, and how they're doing now. Thanks to Gabo and his loving owner Vanessa for sharing their move and their story with us!


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Cat Travel to the United States From Canada

Monday, April 4, 2016 by Pet Travel Questions

Hi There,

I'm planning a move to the United States for work and I'm really worried about the requirements to move my cat over with me. Are you aware of any other requirements other than a health certificate and a rabies shot that my cat would have to get done?

Thank you so much.



Hi Chiara,

Thank you for your question! The United States is one of the easiest countries to bring a cat --  here is a look at the requirements, but essentially you just need a health certificate and proof of...

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Employee Profile: Catie, Pet Relocation Consultant

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 by Core Values

catieThe Sales Consultants of PetRelocation are quick on their feet. Not only do they need be prepared to discuss pet travel logistics for dogs, cats, birds and other family pets looking to travel all over the world, they must also stay up to date with constantly changing and often complicated pet travel rules and requirements.

In her time at the company, Catie has helped hundreds of pets travel safely in order to be reunited with their families, and not only does she plan smart, low-stress...

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Pet Travel Q&A: Relocating With a Cat From Australia to Ireland

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 by Pet Travel Questions

Hi PetRelocation,

I'm looking at moving to Ireland in a years time and want to know how I go about taking my cat with me. The thought of leaving him behind breaks my heart. Is it hard to take a fixed mature cat into the country?




Hi Mandy,

Thank you for your question! International travel with a cat certainly requires quite a bit of planning, but it's possible to carry out safely and smoothly (so don't feel that leaving your cat behind is the only option)!

We've helped many pets move to...

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Incredible Experiences: Paloma & Clementine's Move to the United Kingdom

Monday, March 14, 2016 by PetRelocation.com Customer

"Paloma and Clementine's Relocation to London"

Thank you to the team at PetRelocation for all your help in getting our girls safely to London from Austin, Texas! 

paloma & clementine

First swim in the Thames

The scariest part of our relocation was thinking about the girls' safety and comfort during travels. After I called PetRelocation to ask about services I was invited to come by the office with the girls to ask questions, measure for crates, etc. I felt so much better about the whole situation after meeting the...

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Incredible Experiences: Stirling's Move From London to San Francisco

Monday, March 7, 2016 by PetRelocation.com Customer

Stirling"From London to San Francisco with our Calikitty"

After accepting a job in San Francisco, we began upheaving our lives for the impending move to America from the United Kingdom.

Our cat, Stirling, is very much part of our family so we knew there was no chance at all that that she could be left behind.

PetRelocation were instructed to take care of Stirling for us and have been there through every step of the way. Having them on board alleviated a lot of stress from the process. (I couldn't help but...

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Pet Travel Q&A: Australia Pet Shipping Options

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 by Pet Travel Center Questions

Hi PetRelocation,
Which airline will allow my pets to ride in the cabin regardless of class of travel? What else should I know about moving my dogs to Australia?

Hi Ron,
Thank you for your questions!
Australia is very strict about importing pets, and one of their rules states that pets must enter the country via manifest cargo in order to allow for traceability. According to the official website, only assistance dogs may arrive in cabin. (Please find more information here.)
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PetRelocation Employee Profile: Amy, Senior Departmental Assistant

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 by Core Values

amyEvery workplace is different, but we like to think that PetRelocation is truly one of a kind. Not only is the work we do -- safely moving pets around the world -- unique and challenging, the people here are hard working, come from a variety of backgrounds, and are equally dedicated to pets and their owners.

In our latest employee spotlight, meet Amy. Amy (who is originally from England, by the way) has worn a few different hats here at the company and has made many important contributions...

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Vacationing to Hawaii With Dogs -- Is It Worth It?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 by Pet Travel Questions

Hi PetRelocation,

We are building a vacation home in Kauai, Hawaii to winter at for 4-6 months a year. We would like to travel with our dogs back and forth from Boise, Idaho to Kauai. We will not be "relocating" but rather sharing time between locations.

Any advice?




Hi Kelly,

Thank you for your question! It's certainly possible to travel back and forth between the mainland United States and Hawaii (provided your pets are healthy and fit to fly), but we recommend reviewing all factors as...

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Dog Travel Q&A: Traveling to Canada From Spain

Thursday, February 4, 2016 by Pet Travel Center Questions

Hi PetRelocation,
How do we make our travels work best for the dog?

Challenges: We leave Spain go into Gibraltar and fly to London, UK, spend two nights, then fly to Vancouver, Canada. Will the UK let us take the dog out of the airport to our cousin's home for the two night stay? Please let us know what we should be thinking about and organizing as we have never done this before. We really want to adopt this dog in Spain but live in Canada.

Hi Patti,
Thank you for your question!
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Pet Move of the Month: Peaches, Finley and Charlie's Move to Georgia

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 by PetRelocation.com Customer

peachesOur featured pet move this month will introduce you to a true pet lover. Jen is the pet parent to Peaches (a Pit Bull, therapy dog, and cancer survivor), Finley (a three-legged Golden Retriever) and Charlie (a cool cat who recently lost a few pounds in order to be healthy enough to travel), and she has fostered over 200 animals.

Jen has also traveled with pets before this move from Arizona to Georgia and has learned a lot about what it takes to make the process easier, and she was kind enough to...

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Pet Shipping Tips: How to Travel Internationally With Cats

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 by Pet Travel Center Questions

Hi PetRelocation,

I would like to head back to Taiwan from Boston for a few months. I would like to know how much will it cost to fly Mao, my cat, back to Taiwan with me and how long will it take? Anything I should consider before flying him?

It will be his first time traveling on a plane. He's nice but he has never traveled longer than a 5 hour drive.
Hi Zadia,
Thanks for your inquiry -- these are all great questions.
Here are a few resources that will help you get started...
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Pet Travel & Rabies Vaccine Requirements

Thursday, January 21, 2016 by Pet Travel Questions

Hi PetRelocation,

What are the requirements for traveling with our dog regarding a Rabies Certificate? We know about the Health Certificate already.

She has always had 3 year Rabies shots and her last one was nearly 2 years ago, but it is still good for one year. One information source indicated she must be vaccinated within the last 12 months, which makes no sense. So what is the true requirement for the Rabies Certificate?




Hi Scott,

Thanks for submitting a question to us -- this is...

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Fast Facts About Pet Travel to Puerto Rico

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 by Top Pet Travel Destinations

Puerto Rico Beach DogSometimes figuring out the pet import rules for a place like Puerto Rico can be confusing -- is this the same as moving domestically (within the United States) or do other restrictions apply?

Because Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth, moving pets here qualifies as a domestic relocation if you're coming from a US state. Here's a quick but thorough look at what you need to know about moving pets to Puerto Rico.

Dog & Cat Travel

  • Pets must have a Vet Health Certificate issued within 10 days...

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How to Plan Safe Pet Travel to Hawaii

Monday, January 18, 2016 by Top Pet Travel Destinations

dogs in hawaiiThough it's relatively simple to bring pets into the United States from other countries and it's downright easy to go from one state to another, there is one exception that sometimes presents a challenge for pet travelers: Hawaii.

Because it's an island with stricter import laws (it's the only rabies-free US state), bringing pets to Hawaii requires a few extra steps.

Essentially, Hawaii has a "quarantine law" in place, but this doesn't necessarily mean your pet must be quarantined upon arrival.


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North America Pet Travel Spotlight: Pet Travelers Share Their Stories

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 by Top Pet Travel Destinations

north america spotlight

Thanks for following along with our North America Pet Travel Spotlight! Now that we've covered the finer points of North America and domestic United States pet travel by discussing cargo travel, breed restrictions, and more, it's time to take a look at some real life examples of success. 

Find out what these pet travelers had to say after they completed their moves -- their stories will hopefully illustrate that the hard work of planning a pet move is well worth it once your pet is home safe with...

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