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Pet News Round-Up: Are Pets Being Treated More Like Humans?

Friday, April 11, 2014 by Caitlin Moore

How to have a stress-free pet boarding experience.

General travel: All about Abu Dhabi.

Toby's mom draws a comic about his cat adventures, which now include his international move to London.

Author David Grimm discusses how pets are blurring the lines of personhood.

More general travel: Airlines received fewer complaints last year (but misplaced more bags).

What Dogster loves about positive dog training methods.

Read the story of three cats who moved to the UK.

Finally, meet Sam and Gretchen, the Weimaranars we featured as our Pet Move of the Month!


Happy Friday, pet lovers!


Planning Your Pet Travel Timeline

Friday, April 4, 2014 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Trudi
Number of Pets: 4
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: Two medium Poodles and one Schnauzer/Yorkie mix
From: Austin, TX, USA
To: London, UK



How long is the whole process re: the rabies injection? If we start the process going, what is the earliest time we can have them ready for travel?




Hi Trudi,

Great question. According to the official UK pet import rules, your dogs should first be microchipped, then given the rabies shot, then at least 21 days must pass before they can travel. You'll also need to have official vet health certificates for each dog.

Hope this helps! If you have any further questions about choosing an airline, picking out the right travel crates, or anything else, please peruse our blog for information and feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Thanks for reaching out, and good luck with everything!

Microchip Questions & Pet Travel to the UK

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Denise
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: West Highland Terrier
From: Canada
To: England


Dear PetRelocation,

I read last year that the microchip used for the United Kingdom has to be a specific type or it might not read once in the United Kingdom. Is this correct, and what type of microchip do I need to use from Canada?




Hi Denise,

Thanks for the question! The microchip is an important part of the process so it's smart to double check the details before you get too far.

First, here's more information about the UK pet import rules as a whole. Canada is an approved non-EU country, so that means you'll be following the Part A requirements as listed. As far as the microchip, per www.gov.uk you should have a microchip that meets ISO standards, and if you have one that isn't ISO-compatible, you need to provide your own microchip reader.

Here's all you need to know about pet microchips and the UK. Also, here is more information from our blog about various types of microchips and which ones are ISO-compatible.

Hopefully this helps, Denise. Please let us know if you have any more questions about your upcoming move, and good luck with everything!



Moving Pets to Australia: How Long is the Quarantine?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Sharon
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: Miniature Tea Cup Terrier and Miniature Yorkshire Terrier
From: UK
To: Western Australia



Can you please tell me how long my doggies would have to stay in quarantine in Western Australia?

Many Thanks,



Hi Sharon,

Sure, we'd be happy to offer some information. The best place to start is the Australia Department of Agriculture website, which should have the most up to date directions regarding which pets are allowed and what the timeline is for their import.

Australia has recently changed its quarantine rules -- it used to be a standard 30 day requirement and now it's 10 days. The UK is classified as a Category 3 country, and on the site you'll find a drop-down tool that will outline each step you need to take.

In terms of where your dogs will be fulfilling the quarantine, there are two options: Eastern Creek Quarantine Facility in Sydney and Spotswood Quarantine Facility in Melbourne. There is no longer a quarantine facility open in Perth, so if you're moving to Western Australia you'll need to make travel arrangements for your dogs after they've finished quarantine in either Sydney or Melbourne.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these logistics, Sharon. Here's a link to our free quote form if you'd like to find out more about our door-to-door services.

Thanks for the question, and good luck with everything!

Pet News Round-Up: Pet Travel Questions, Answers & Trends

Friday, January 17, 2014 by Caitlin Moore

We address your safety questions about airlines and pets traveling in cargo.

Good news for ferry-riding pets in the UK.

A pet evacuation law (that would allow pets on public transportation during an emergency in New Jersey) is a little closer to passing.

Air Canada apologizes to a soldier and her service dog.

Tips for being a good dog traveler.

Zap and Guida are featured as our Pet Move of the Month!

Speaking of Zap and Guida, here is their happy reunion video.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Dog Travel Rules for the UK

Thursday, January 2, 2014 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Jen
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Boxer
From: Boston, USA
To: London, UK


Dear PetRelocation,

I moved dogs from Boston to London (and back) in 2007 and it was a six month process. Now it seems the rules changed in 2012 and there is no longer the required six month time frame. Can you confirm?

Our move is in eight months and I was starting to think about getting the process going.

Thank you,


Hi Jen,

It's true, the UK pet import requirements changed at the beginning of 2012, making it simpler for pets to move there. Here is an overview of the new UK pet travel rules.

In summary, you still need to have a microchip and rabies vaccine (administered at least 21 days before departure) as well as a pet passport or International Health Certificate, but overall it's a much easier process and doesn't entail a quarantine. (We still recommend allowing several weeks to plan your trip, however.)

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you'd like some assistance with your move by filling out our free quote form. Good luck with your travels!

2013 in Review: 7 Highlights from a Busy Year in Pet Travel

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

The world of pets and pet travel is never a dull place. As people continue to make cats, dogs, and other animal friends a more important part of life, industries like airlines, hotels, and relocation providers are realizing that they must evolve if they want to stay relevant.

In 2013 we kept an eye on various trends as we did our best to provide top notch services to our traveling clients. We learned a lot, and will use our pet moving experiences to continue to offer pet owners the attention and care they seek when it's time to plan a move.

Here are just a few notable moments and stories from 2013 that we're sure will play a role in the future of pet travel.

1. Australia announced it will be shortening the length of its pet quarantine beginning in Feb. 2014. Long known for its serious pet import requirements and rabies-free status, Australia is taking steps to make things a little less stressful for pet owners moving there. You'll still need to follow a series of careful requirements, but a shorter post-arrival quarantine (it'll be 10 days rather than 30) should make the overall experience a bit easier to handle.

2. San Diego Airport's fancy new pet relief station. It's a trend popping up all over the place: Airports are becoming more aware of and more welcoming to pets. Don't be surprised if new and improved pet relief stations are simply commonplace within a few years.

3. Qantas reversed its travel ban affecting American Staffordshire Terriers. Breed restrictions have long been a thorn in the side of many pet owners, but many countries, government entities and businesses are beginning to show signs that they're open to reversing breed discrimination.

4. EU pet travel rules were relaxed. In 2012 the UK brought its pet import rules in line with the EU, and this year the EU made small changes to its overall policies regarding the number of pets a person can import. Standards must be researched and followed for smooth pet travel to happen, but in general it's becoming less challenging and more common for pets to travel.

5. A disaster preparedness guide for pets. Climate change means that the incidence of natural disasters is likely to increase, so it's a good idea to have a travel plan in place for your pet if you live somewhere that may be affected by extreme weather. It's a downer to think about, but it's important to have a pet evacuation plan.

6. Don't be like Justin Bieber. We saw that, when it comes to pet travel, rules are rules and everyone must comply. In the 21st century even the rich and famous (who are trying to bring a monkey into Germany without the right paperwork) aren't exempt from following the pet import requirements of various countries. Do your research before you go to avoid problems -- even if you're a pop star.

7. The dos and don'ts of bringing dogs to work. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of allowing employees to bring their pets to work. We agree that it's pretty great, and have found that it's helpful to have a few easy rules in place to keep people productive and pets happy.

Have anything to add? Have questions? Leave your comments here or contact us.


Dog Travel from the Dominican Republic to Florida

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Linda
Number of Pets: One
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Pomeranian
From: Dominican Republic
To: Florida


Dear PetRelocation,

Archie, our three-year-old dog, flew from the UK to the Dominican Republic in May 2013 with his pet passport and all paperwork was okay.

Now, in April or May 2014, he will fly to Florida. I understand the rabies injection 30 days before and the certificate of good health, but I have other questions:

1. Does he need treatment for screwworm beforehand?
2. He is microchipped with a long number in his passport. I do not have any details on what make of chip that was used. I will try to get this information from my UK vet, but if I can't, how important is this?

If you have any other advice in regards to flying him into Florida I would be grateful. I am hoping to have him in a pet carrier at our feet for the flight.

Thank you,



Hi Linda,

Thanks for the questions, we'd be happy to help. As you review the pet import requirements for the United States, you'll see that in addition to the rabies vaccine and  health certificate, dogs coming from the Dominican Republic also need to show they are free of screwworm. This simply means that the health certificate must state that Archie has been found to be free of screwworm by the vet within five days of departure.

As for the microchip, we do recommend that traveling pets be microchipped but this not actually a requirement for entry into the United States. Please contact the airline you'll be using to find out about their policies regarding pet travel in the cabin and feel free to review these frequently asked pet travel questions to help illuminate the overall process.

Please contact us if you have more questions and think you'd like some assistance with your move. Good luck with everything -- hope you and Archie have a great trip!

Pet News Link Round-Up: Pet Travel Info & Chihuahua Rescues

Friday, November 15, 2013 by Caitlin Moore

Virgin America helped these Chihuahuas travel from California to their new homes in New York.

Poetry: Mary Oliver on what dogs teach us.

This abandoned puppy went on to climb Mount Everest.

Oh hello there, pet friendly Las Vegas.

For you UK pet owners, here are 10 things to do with your dog.

News about Australia pet quarantine and Australia pet import rules.

Here in Austin, a dog lost during last month's floods was rescued by firefighters and reunited with his owner.


Have a happy weekend!

Pet Import Rules for the UK

Monday, November 4, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Diana
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Bichon-Westie Mix
From: Romania
To: United Kingdom

Dear PetRelocation,

Is there any need to put my dog in quarantine if I come from Romania to the UK? Do I need to test my dog for rabies 6 months before moving to UK? If I move to UK in 4 weeks' time, will I be able to take my dog with me right away?

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Best regards,



Hi Diana,

Thanks for your question. Since Romania is an EU country, your dog will not have to go to quarantine if you meet the requirements of the Pet Travel Scheme. Find out more here.

You will need either an EU Pet Passport or an official vet health certificate, which prove that your dog has been microchipped and is up to date on the rabies vaccine. Dogs also need to be treated against tapeworm.

You may or may not be able to travel in a month -- it depends on your dog's status regarding the above regulations. Please contact us if you have more questions or if you'd like some help arranging your move. Good luck with everything!

Updated Pet Import Requirements for Guam

Monday, October 21, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Ben
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Doberman
From: UK, London
To: Guam

Dear PetRelocation,

I've just been given an incredible opportunity for work to take my family to Guam from 6 weeks to 3+ years to live in a fully air conditioned condo. I will be taking my dog's cool jackets and generally preparing her for the heat.

What would be the best way to get her there? I'm concerned about temperature and her being stuck in a crate for so many hours. She's as much family as one of us, so as far as long term moves go, if she stays I stay -- no job changes that!




Hi Ben,

Congratulations on the job offer! To get you started, here are the latest pet import requirements for Guam (you can also see them below). It will certainly take some time and effort on your part to plan a move here, but as a dedicated pet owner you're doing the right thing by starting early and seeking the help of experts.

It's natural to feel nervous about international pet travel, but here's what we recommend: Choose a pet friendly airline (we often use KLM, United and Lufthansa). Yes, it will be a long journey, but you can talk to a pet relocation specialist about preparing your dog and planning a route that will make the trip as safe as possible. We have moved pets to Guam, and would be happy to speak to you further.

In the meantime, it might help to read the most frequently asked pet travel questions -- as you can see, just about everyone starts out feeling uncertain about the prospect of moving a pet, but as you stated, there is no other option. Because they're part of the family, it's important to educate yourself and ask for help in order to plan the best trip possible.

Please contact us if you'd like to talk more about your move, and good luck!




Guam Requirements by PetRelocation.com

Moving to Pet Friendly Scotland with a Dog

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Julie
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Shepherd Mix
From: California
To: Scotland

My boyfriend and I are getting engaged, and he lives in Scotland. I will be bringing my dog out there from California with me to stay. She is 55 pounds and fully vaccinated with the proper paperwork and receipts. I adopted her as a 10 month old puppy, and she is currently 2 and 1/2 years old.

Please provide an idea of cost and any helpful details on how to relocate her.



Hi Julie,

Congratulations on your engagement! In our experience Scotland is pretty pet friendly, so it sounds like you have a lot to look forward to. Here's more about Scotland's pet etiquette rules.

To prepare for the trip, please take a look at the pet import requirements for the UK. A quarantine used to be required to go to the UK but now it's much easier to bring pets there, so you'll just need to make sure your dog meets the rules as they're outlined. In terms of the flight, you'll want to make a reservation with a pet friendly airline and buy the correct travel crate (picking the right size can be tricky, but we offer a guide here).

If you're interested in hiring assistance for this move, please fill out our free quote form. We can help you transport your dog to and from the airport on either end and also advise you to make sure all paperwork is in order, etc.

Please let us know if you have questions. Thanks again for reaching out, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Flying with Pets: Cargo Travel Concerns

Friday, September 27, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Michele
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Jack Russell Terrier mix
From: NYC
To: London

Dear PetRelocation,

I'm extremely worried about my dog flying cargo to London but don't believe I have any other options. Any specific airline(s) you can recommend? Also, have been trying to find out about renting a travel crate instead of buying but haven't found any info. Do you know of any companies that rent?




Hi Michele,

It's common to feel worried about flying your most precious cargo, but when the right choices are made, everything can go smoothly. We move pets safely to the UK all the time and would be happy to offer some info.

First, review the pet import requirements for the UK. As far as airlines, choose one with pet friendly policies in place (we often fly United, KLM and Lufthansa, for example). Here's more about flying pets in cargo and why it's not as scary as it sounds.

Most people buy their travel crates (rentals aren't commonplace), but to save money you can try checking Craigslist or eBay for a used one. You can also try selling your crate after you're finished with it if you want to recoup some of the costs.

Hopefully this helps! Please let us know if you're interested in a quote for our services, and take a look at our blog for more information about traveling with pets. Thanks for your questions, and good luck with everything.

Flying to America (with Pets in Tow)

Monday, September 23, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Victoria
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dog and Cat
Pet Breed: Mixed
From: UK
To: Maine, USA

Dear PetRelocation,

Hi my name is Vikki and I'd like to know what I need to do in order to move my dog and cat with me when I relocate to Maine to be with my American partner from the UK.

They are already vaccinated to UK standards, and will have the rabies vaccine at least 30 days before I intend to fly. I may also add they have been microchipped, and I also understand that I will need a health certificate stating that both animals are fit to fly. Is there any other documentation I need?




Hi Victoria,

It sounds like you're on top of things! Here's a rundown of the pet import requirements for the United States -- as you can see, the rabies vaccine and health certificate are the key elements here, and you seem to have those covered (be sure to get the health certificate within 10 days of departure).

Other than what you've mentioned already, we recommend booking your pets' flight with a pet friendly airline (we often use United due to their PetSafe program) and make sure you have the correct travel crates.

If you have any other questions or would like to find out about our door-to-door services, please fill out our free quote form. Again, it sounds like you're doing a great job with your preparations so far and you're well on your way to a smooth trip. Good luck with everything, and thanks for checking in with us!

Dog Travel to Thailand -- How Does It Work?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 by Pet Travel Center Questions

Name: Stephanie
From: Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic
To: Bangkok, Thailand
Pets: Two West Highland White Terriers

Dear PetRelocation,
Can my dogs travel from the Dominican Republic to Thailand directly, or do they have to stay in the UK for a specific period? We have prepared them to travel to the UK mid December, however our plans are looking to change to Thailand.
Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for your question. To start, look over the pet import requirements for Thailand. There is currently no quarantine, but you will need to complete a few steps in order to get your dogs ready. It sounds like you're pretty prepared, so you'll probably just need to focus on getting the paperwork (vet health certificate) completed properly and on time.
That being said, if you have any questions or would like to find out more about our services, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Either way, good luck with your trip!


Dog Travel from Canada to The UK

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Connie
Number of Pets: One
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Miniature Pinscher Parsons Terrier Sharpei
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
To: London, England

Dear PetRelocation,

What are the travel requirements for my dog if we go from Canada to London?

Thank you,


Hi Connie,

Thanks for the question, we'd be glad to offer a few tips. First, take a look at the pet import requirements for the UK. As you can see, they used to be pretty strict (there was a 180-day quarantine in place) but now they are more relaxed. You still need to attend to several important details, but you won't need to worry about a quarantine.

Canada is an approved non-EU country, so your dog needs a microchip, a rabies vaccine (administered after the microchip is implanted), a vet health certificate, and you must wait at least 21 days from the day of vaccination before traveling.

If you have questions about these requirements and would like some help with your move, please contact us for a free quote. We also invite you to check out our Facebook to meet some of the pets we've moved recently. Lots of dogs and cats go to the UK!

Thanks again for submitting a question, and good luck with everything.



"Is There a Quarantine for Cats Relocating to South Africa?"

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by Pet Travel Center Questions

Name: H.C.
From: Dubai, UAE
To: Johannesburg, South Africa
Pets: Cats, Gyn & Mat

What are the requirements for cats leaving Dubai and going to Johannesburg? I have heard there might be a quarantine but I would like to know for sure. I have found plenty of info regarding travel from the UK or U.S. but not specifically from the Middle East to Africa.

Thanks for your question! Traveling with your cats to South Africa will require meeting several rules and regulations. Here's a brief overview, and for more information about coming from the UAE, you can peruse the South Africa Ministry of Agriculture website and contact them for the most up to date information.
According to this Import Procedures document from the above mentioned site, cats are not routinely placed in quarantine upon arrival (even though the UAE is not on the list of approved countries for dogs). Cats do need to have valid import permits and correctly completed health certificates, however, signed and stamped by an approved local veterinarian.
Please let us know if you have more questions or if you'd like some help with your move. We've arranged many pet moves to South Africa and would be happy to assist. Thanks again, and good luck!


"Does My Poodle Have to Go to Quarantine in The UK?"

Monday, September 9, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Chantelle
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Toy Poodle
From: US
To: UK

Dear PetRelocation,

My question is, if I have all documentation required to move my pet to the UK, will I still have to put my pet in quarantine? He has very bad anxiety issues.

Thank you,



Hi Chantelle,

Thanks for your question -- it's a good one. Many people assume their pets will have to stay in quarantine for a few days after moving from one country to another, but most of the time that's not the case.

The United Kingdom actually used to impose a quarantine, but ever since Jan. 2012, pets that meet the basic requirements and who are coming from approved countries (such as the United States) do not have to serve the 180-day quarantine. Here are all the details of the UK Pet Travel Scheme.

Hopefully this answers your questions, Chantelle. If you'd still like some assistance relocating your Poodle, please fill out our free quote form. Good luck with the trip!


Getting a Head Start on Dog Travel to Barbados

Friday, September 6, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Lynn
Number of Pets: One
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Jack Russell
From: UK
To: Barbados

Hello. We are emigrating to Barbados in two years time and will be taking Digger with us. Could you please let me know the procedure I have to go through to make this happen? I assume that as the UK is rabies free, there is no quarantine in Barbados and we can just fly Digger on our flight.

I would be grateful if you could provide me with any information and advice.

Thank you,



Hi Lynn,

Thanks for your question. By the way, we applaud the fact that you're getting a head start on your travel plans -- you can't start too early!

Take a look at the basic pet import requirements for Barbados... Among other things, you'll need to secure an import permit for Digger and have a valid rabies vaccination certificate. Coming from the UK, it should be a pretty straightforward process.

Since you do have some time before you go, you should probably bookmark the Barbados Ministry of Agriculture website and check it again closer to your day of departure. Pet import rules can change from time to time, so you'll want to keep an eye out for any policy adjustments that may arise between now and then.

Please let us know if you have any more questions. Hope the move goes well!

"How Should I Prepare my Dog for our Move to Louisiana?"

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Julie
Number of Pets: One
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: English Cocker Spaniel
From: Newfoundland, Canada
To: Mandeville Area, Louisiana

Hi - wondered if you can help.

I have a 6-year-old male English Cocker Spaniel. He is a family pet. He moved with us from the UK to Ontario, Canada in August 2011, and then across to Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada in April 2012.

He has a valid Rabies vaccination given on 27th April 2011, which is valid until 26th April 2014. Blood tests were carried out a month later and were all in order. He has an up-to-date booster against DHPP and an up-to-date kennel cough vaccine. He is also given Advanatge Multi-55 on a monthly basis.

Can you confirm to me that these are all the requirements that he needs to access Louisiana State?

I have also read that all dogs/cats in Louisiana are to be spayed or neutered. Does this just apply to animals that are being rehomed from adoption centres or in general? Our dog is un-neutered. He is always on a leash or in the house so there has never been an issue prior to this. Can you confirm how we stand in this situation?

Also, can you recommend any good carriers to organise his transport over to Louisiana from St. Johns Airport in Newfoundland.

Hoping to hear from you soon.




Hi Julie,

Thanks for your questions. It sounds like you're a savvy traveler and take great care of your dog!

First, here are the pet import requirements for the United States. Compared to the other places you've been, these are probably easier rules to follow -- the only things your dog really needs are an updated rabies vaccine (which you seem to have) and an international health certificate, which should be issued by your vet within 10 days of departure.

It looks like Louisiana has a spay/neuter law for pets from "releasing agencies" (shelters). According to our research it's not a statewide law for all dogs, but as you get settled in and locate a vet in your new town, it would be wise to double check with him or her about any local regulations you should be aware of.

Finally, if you're interested in door-to-door transportation services, please fill out our free quote form. We specialize in getting pets safely from one place to another and would love to speak to you more about your move. Thanks again, and good luck with everything!