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Pet Move of the Month: Fred & Wilma's Trip to Japan

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 by PetRelocation.com Customer

fred & wilmaThis month's featured pet move shines the spotlight on two very cool cats: Fred and Wilma. This charming duo has moved with us before (their mom is a busy world traveler), so they're becoming pros when it comes to relocating internationally.

Their latest trip took them from Germany to Japan, and now that they're settling in we thought we'd catch up and find out how things are going. Read on to find out more about Fred and Wilma!

What brought about your move?

Due to my job, I move every 2 to 3 years. I got the cats in Australia in 2007 and since then I moved them to the States, then to Germany and now Japan.

How did this particular move compare?

Both of the moves were the easiest, smoothest I ever had with the cats.

What were some of your initial concerns?

No matter where you are headed, the paperwork can be extremely confusing and overwhelming. I was worried that since I was overseas, it would be hard to get everything done on time.

What surprised you about the pet travel process? Can you discuss any particular challenges or interesting details?

The best advice I can give is to plan early. Lots of countries have strict rules about the importation of animals. In my case, I was taking my cats from Germany to Japan and had to have a 6 month “at home” quarantine. Also, lots of airlines have restrictions on the time of year the pet can travel based on the temperature.

How have Fred and Wilma handled the transition so far?

My fur babies are known for being “fraidy cats,” but as soon as they got to me here in Tokyo and out of their crates, they have just taken over the apartment. They found their box, their food and my couch for a nice nap. I just cannot get over how easily they have adapted. 

How do Japan, Germany and the United States compare in terms of pet-friendliness?

Both Germany and Japan are known for their love/obsession with their pets. The Germans LOVE their dogs and the Japanese LOVE their cats (see Hello Kitty). In Germany, I was lucky enough to have a vet that made house calls! I get my pet supplies online or from a military base, as my cats are used to American products. I know I could get anything I need here in Japan if I had to.

What advice do you have for people who might be planning a pet move?

As I say, plan early. Pets are part of your family and SO important to you, so I know the process can be stressful because you just want them to be comfortable and happy. It can be done (and be done smoothly) if you plan ahead.


fred & wilma settling in


What made you decide to hire PetRelocation to assist you?

I did my research, believe me. I went with PetRelocation because they were super responsive and totally understood how important my cats are to me.  I was encouraged by the testimonials of other clients. Also, I immediately felt at ease with my PetRelocation consultants. 

My situation was hard, as I was moving from Germany to Japan with a stop in the States in between. Turned out I had to leave the cats with my brother in the States for 6 months due to a Japanese regulation for an “at home quarantine.” My consultants treated my brother with as much respect as they gave me and constantly kept us both informed.

They walked us through all the paperwork and worked out a great timeline. I also LOVED that they offered a point to point delivery. They picked up the cats at my brother’s so that he would not have to tackle the nightmare of the airport processing, and they delivered the cats to me at my place in Tokyo. I have done this by myself and trust me, this was priceless!!!

Another highlight was that they tracked the cats the whole way from beginning to end so I had peace of mind the whole time. I honestly cannot recommend them enough. From beginning to end they made this process as easy and as stress free as possible. I will be using them again for sure!!!


Congrats to Fred, Wilma and their loving owner on another successful move! Thinking about relocating with your own pets? Feel free to contact us to speak to a Specialist about your options.

Pet News Round-Up: Pizza Cats and Sheep Dogs

Friday, August 29, 2014 by Caitlin Moore

Okay, then: this fake Pizza Hut is run by cats (in Japan).

You're on holiday. Can you/should you rescue that stray cat?

The mystery of how dogs herd sheep.

Crazy products you can buy to spoil your pet.

How to relocate your pets to a new country. How to relocate yourself to a new country.

Meet Mac and Bubba, two frequent pet travelers with lots of great tips to share.




Have a good weekend!

Learn More About The New Detroit Airport Pet Relief Station

Thursday, May 8, 2014 by Caitlin Moore

As the pet industry continues to grow, it can be pretty tough to keep up with all the latest products and services aimed at making life with pets easier and more fun.

For example, last month we discussed Amtrak's pilot pet travel program and various pet projects on Kickstarter, and this week have learned of a few more new developments that will affect pet travelers in particular.

Thanks to the completion of a $75,000 expansion project that includes a new indoor pet relief area, travelers with small dogs and service animals will now have an easier time at the Detroit Metropolitan airport. Only a couple other airports have facilities like this inside the terminal, and this feature can definitely save a lot of time because pets can use the area without leaving security.

Like at the Dulles airport, this relief area has fake grass, a fire hydrant and a rinse/drain system. If you plan to use this one or are wondering about options in other airports, Dog Jaunt has a great rundown of airport pet relief stations around the country (including pictures and reviews of many of them).


Detroit Airport Pet Relief Area (AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Mandi Wright)


In other pet travel news especially of interest to international travelers and relocating families, many countries and cities outside the United States are witnessing a shift in cultural perception when it comes to pets. We often hear heartening stories from our clients, and in Dubai, where pets are becoming more and more popular, expats have started a pet taxi service in response to a ban on pets using public transportation. Sounds like things are changing everywhere in regards to where pets are welcome.

Have you come across any exciting pet news lately? Has your pet been able to use an airport relief station? Feel free to send us your tips and thoughts!

Link Round-Up: Pets + Science + Fun + News

Friday, April 25, 2014 by Caitlin Moore

Meet these amazing animals with bionic limbs.

Neurochemically speaking, do dogs and cats really love you?

Lucey is Iowa's Most Beautiful Bulldog.

LAX's dog greeter program has been keeping fliers calm for a year.

Want to protest the proposed Australia quarantine fee increase? Sign this petition!

Pet products successfully funded via Kickstarter.

Have two minutes to spare? Please take our summer pet travel survey!



Happy Friday!

2013 in Review: 7 Highlights from a Busy Year in Pet Travel

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

The world of pets and pet travel is never a dull place. As people continue to make cats, dogs, and other animal friends a more important part of life, industries like airlines, hotels, and relocation providers are realizing that they must evolve if they want to stay relevant.

In 2013 we kept an eye on various trends as we did our best to provide top notch services to our traveling clients. We learned a lot, and will use our pet moving experiences to continue to offer pet owners the attention and care they seek when it's time to plan a move.

Here are just a few notable moments and stories from 2013 that we're sure will play a role in the future of pet travel.

1. Australia announced it will be shortening the length of its pet quarantine beginning in Feb. 2014. Long known for its serious pet import requirements and rabies-free status, Australia is taking steps to make things a little less stressful for pet owners moving there. You'll still need to follow a series of careful requirements, but a shorter post-arrival quarantine (it'll be 10 days rather than 30) should make the overall experience a bit easier to handle.

2. San Diego Airport's fancy new pet relief station. It's a trend popping up all over the place: Airports are becoming more aware of and more welcoming to pets. Don't be surprised if new and improved pet relief stations are simply commonplace within a few years.

3. Qantas reversed its travel ban affecting American Staffordshire Terriers. Breed restrictions have long been a thorn in the side of many pet owners, but many countries, government entities and businesses are beginning to show signs that they're open to reversing breed discrimination.

4. EU pet travel rules were relaxed. In 2012 the UK brought its pet import rules in line with the EU, and this year the EU made small changes to its overall policies regarding the number of pets a person can import. Standards must be researched and followed for smooth pet travel to happen, but in general it's becoming less challenging and more common for pets to travel.

5. A disaster preparedness guide for pets. Climate change means that the incidence of natural disasters is likely to increase, so it's a good idea to have a travel plan in place for your pet if you live somewhere that may be affected by extreme weather. It's a downer to think about, but it's important to have a pet evacuation plan.

6. Don't be like Justin Bieber. We saw that, when it comes to pet travel, rules are rules and everyone must comply. In the 21st century even the rich and famous (who are trying to bring a monkey into Germany without the right paperwork) aren't exempt from following the pet import requirements of various countries. Do your research before you go to avoid problems -- even if you're a pop star.

7. The dos and don'ts of bringing dogs to work. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of allowing employees to bring their pets to work. We agree that it's pretty great, and have found that it's helpful to have a few easy rules in place to keep people productive and pets happy.

Have anything to add? Have questions? Leave your comments here or contact us.


Petmate Advisory Forum Recap

Friday, October 18, 2013 by Rachel Truair

Pop quiz: What has four sides, flies, and is more well-traveled than many of the most experienced jet-setters out there?

I'm guessing that unless you travel with pets every day, your first thought wasn't a pet travel crate! Thousands of pets are driven and flown every day around the world in a variety of travel crates. The air travel crate PetRelocation trusts for its furry fliers is the Petmate SkyKennel, one of the safest, durable, and spacious pet travel crates on the market.

What's even better is that Petmate, which makes a variety of pet products, manufactures its crates, including the SkyKennel, right up the road from the PetRelocation offices in Arlington, Texas. Last week I had the opportunity to visit Petmate as a panelist at the first annual Petmate Advisory Forum to talk about how Petmate could begin to make their products safer, healthier, and more innovative for pets and their families for home, travel, and play.

The forum consisted of representatives from several other innovative organizations, including Jim Hanophy from Operation Kindness, one of the oldest and largest nonprofit no-kill animal welfare organizations in the country, David Haworth, DVM from the Morris Animal Foundation, the largest nonprofit foundation dedicated to funding research studies to protect, treat and cure animals, and Bob Vetere from the American Pet Products Association, the largest trade association for pet products in the world. Also attending the forum was a canine behavior specialist, a pet industry analyst, a veterinarian, a pet services boutique owner, and a pet travel writer.

We met at Petmate's headquarters, which is based in Arlington just outside of Dallas and houses around 100 employees. Their headquarters are just down the road from Petmate's massive manufacturing plant, which employs several hundred people and where the bulk of Petmate's carriers and plastic-based products are manufactured. Petmate also has a resin compounder plant which creates most of the resin used in their pet products. So not only is Petmate a US-based company employing hundreds of people, but over half of the products sold by Petmate each year are manufactured right here in Texas! Most importantly, Petmate is an organization ofPetmate pet travel advisory forum pet lovers - evident in their employees' creative use of pet products in their workspaces (have you ever seen any other office with an umbrella holder filled with ChuckIts?) and an office hamster known as MC Hamster (who even has his own twitter account). Even Petmate's conference rooms are named after popular pet breeds.

Panelists also had the opportunity to go on a tour of the manufacturing plant, which was a fascinating experience. Just like one might not fully appreciate a work of art unless they watched the investment of time and material by the artist, it was fascinating and quite an honor to see the pride and love the Petmate employees have in creating their products. PetRelocation is proud to partner with Petmate and after seeing how well their products are made, I found myself even prouder.

Petmate Advisory ForumThe primary focus of the forum was answering the key question of "How do pet industry leaders meet the health, safety, and comfort needs of pets and their parents who love them?" I can't tell you exactly what was discussed - after all, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise you may have when you come across their latest innovative product at the pet store! - but I can tell you that with a variety of perspectives around the table (including one curious Boxer puppy), the forum made for an amazing and important discussion. Petmate is clearly invested in improving and innovating upon their products, and as a pet lover first and pet industry employee second, I can't wait to see what Petmate comes up with next.


Pet Travel News: United Announces Opening of New O'Hare PetSafe Kennel Facility

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 by Caitlin Moore

The new kennel facility at Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) that we've been hearing about is now open for business, offering a new level of care for pets flying through ORD as part of United's PetSafe program.

The kennel is located inside United's ORD Cargo Facility and includes 28 individual enclosures so that animals of different species can be housed in separate ventilated, temperature-controlled areas. This is the third facility of its kind, resembling amenities already in place at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston and Liberty International Airport in Newark.

From an official United statement:

"We refer to our new facility as 'State-of-the-Arf'," said Fran Cervantes, United's PetSafe Product Development manager. "It was designed to provide the ultimate in safety and care for animals traveling with us. With the kennel location close to the gate area, and our six specially-built PetSafe vans exclusively used to transport animals, we get our four-legged passengers to and from their O'Hare flights as quickly and comfortably as possible."

In terms of specific services, pet enclosures are kept clean and sanitized, pets are walked and exercised, and upon request, they can even be bathed and groomed. Staff is on hand to oversee the pet operations, and they include PetSafe runners, Ramp and Cargo Operations teams, and a team of experts available by phone who can assist with advance reservations, monitoring pets en route, and tracking weather conditions.

According to Rod Zimmerman, United's senior manager of Cargo Operations at ORD, "Many of us are pet owners, so we're proud of our role in keeping all the animals traveling through O'Hare as safe, healthy and comfortable as possible. PetSafe's reputation as the premier animal transport service in the industry is very important to all of us."

Read more about United's PetSafe offerings at United.com and find out more about additional United product and route enhancements. As always, contact PetRelocation if you have questions about how to move your pet.


Pet Travel Update: French Bulldog Restrictions on United Airlines

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 by Caitlin Moore

Before making pet travel plans, it's important to research your airline options and any restrictions that may exist in order to avoid getting into an inconvenient situation on your day of departure. Do you have the right travel crate? Do you have the correct paperwork from your vet? Wait, is your breed of pet even accepted by this airline?

These are all questions certainly worth looking into well in advance, and most can be answered by perusing the airline's website or giving them a call. Here at PetRelocation we do our best to stay on top of airline policy changes and announcements, too, so check with us if you have questions.

For example, here's a recent update from United, a pet-friendly airline we often book pet flights with. They are fine tuning their breed restrictions to help keep pets as safe as possible, so beginning April 15, United will begin including French Bulldogs and French Bulldog mixes in their year-round embargo policy.

Here's the announcement from United:

United Airlines DOES NOT accept English Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogge, French Bulldogs or “mixed” varieties of this breed after they have reached 20lbs. or 6 months of age (whichever comes first) at any time of the year. The adults of this breed are completely embargoed.

Note that United is also expanding its pet services; they recently announced additional PetSafe routes and PetSafe Product enhancements. Their complete set of pet policies can be found here.

Please contact PetRelocation with any questions about air travel with pets, and fly safely, everyone!


United Announces PetSafe Product Enhancements [Pet Travel News]

Thursday, March 21, 2013 by Caitlin Moore

In addition to United's recent announcement that they will be adding new PetSafe routes to Latin America, Canada, and within the United States, they are also rolling out several new product enhancements.

-United was recently approved to add three new PetSafe vans to its existing fleet. These new additions will operate in Chicago and Washington Dulles, supporting two of the busiest hubs just in time for summer travel season.

-Fifty new agents have also been added to the PetSafe desk, which means that customer calls will be answered more quickly and efficiently and wait times will be reduced.

-Finally, construction on an on-site kennel facility in Chicago has now begun, and it is expected to open in early spring 2013.

According to United, "These are just a few of the PetSafe developments planned for 2013. We are off to an exciting start, and please watch for more enhancements in the months ahead."

Please contact PetRelocation if you have any questions, and keep in touch for more pet travel updates.




Get and Give Yappy During SXSW

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 by Rachel Truair

Headed to Downtown Austin for SXSW? Get your tail moving -- you're invited to a paw-ty!

PetRelocation is partnering with Petmate to host our first yappy hour on Friday, March 8th for all pet lovers! Pick up a pet toy to take home to your favorite feline or precious pup, check out super-new pet products from Petmate, learn about PetRelocation's pet travel services, and help a good cause all in one tail-waggingly-fun happy hour!

Here's the scoop:



- Check-in at PetRelocation's offices on Yelp!, Facebook or Foursquare to get in the door at our new state of the art offices in downtown Austin at the corner of 7th and Brazos.


- Make a $1 donation to Austin Pets Alive!, which works to make Austin a "no-kill" city, and receive a FREE Petmate chew treat for your dog or nip toy for your cat! We have piles of pet swag, so bring a dollar for every four-legged member of your family!

- Check out the new PetRelocation Experience Room at the corner of 7th and Brazos, designed by the amazing Austin ad agency, Tilted Chair Creative, and learn more about safely traveling with pets from PetRelocation experts.

- Chat with Ann Hanson (@annyhanny), Director of Marketing and Innovation at Petmate, to learn about what innovative new products are hitting the pet market.


- Grab a drink (yes, free beer!) or a bite to eat, relax, and network with other pet-friendly guests!

Just the Facts:

What: Petmate + PetRelocation Yappy Hour

When: Friday, March 8, 2013 - 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM CST

Where: PetRelocation Downtown HQ - 612 Brazos Street, Austin, TX 78701 (on the corner of 7th and Brazos St., next door to the Driskill Hotel)




View Larger Map



Pet Travel Question: Calming Pet Anxiety During Travel

Thursday, January 17, 2013 by Pet Travel Questions

Name: Charles
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Chow Chow
From: Albuquerque, New Mexico
To: Guyana, South America


What would be good to put in a carrier to calm small dogs? They are going as carry on. A carrier I purchased in the past had a chemical in a piece of felt, but I don't think the carrier manufacturer sells it anymore.




Hi Chuck,


Thanks for your question. Many pet owners do look for natural anxiety remedies for their pets, and some people find that things like Chamomile or Valerian make a difference. We don't have any specific products to recommend, but we do have a few tips for helping your dog stay calm while traveling.

1. Allow your pets plenty of time to get used to the crate before you travel; make it a part of daily life by keeping it out in the open and placing toys and treats inside of it to encourage the dogs to view it as a safe and comfortable place.

2. Make sure they're given plenty of exercise before the trip to burn off energy and encourage nap time.

3. Many people like to sleep in an old T-shirt and then place it in the crate on travel day; the familiar smell can be comforting to dogs.

Hopefully this is helpful. Please contact us if you have more questions about  moving your dogs to Guyana, and good luck!

Preparing for the Holidays: Gifts for Pets on Pinterest

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 by Caitlin Moore


Just as the economy hasn't slowed the pet travel industry or the amount of money we spend on pet Halloween costumes, the winter holidays are set to be a generous season of pet-oriented gift buying and giving.

A recent British survey found that 75% of people plan to buy their pet a gift and over half will spend more money on their pets than their significant other, and the American Pet Products Association reports that Americans typically spend more than $200 million per year on pet gifts. Sound crazy to you, or perfectly normal?

Well, just in case you're looking for gifts for your pets or for the pet-lovers in your life, we're pinning the top gadgets, toys and accessories we run across on a couple of our Pinterest boards: pet-themed gifts and cool pet products. We also have a holiday pets board just for fun, because who doesn't love looking at snow kitties and dogs in scarves?

Will you be giving your pet a gift this year? Do you use Pinterest to keep track of your ideas? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page!




Pet Travel News Links: Pet Wellness, Hotel Amenities for Pet Lovers, China Pet Tips

Friday, October 5, 2012 by Caitlin Moore

What happened in the world of  pet news this week? Glad you asked.


Neat-o animal tourism in Japan.

Goldfish companions as hotel amenities?

Researchers find that looking at cute animal pictures improves productivity. (We like this study.)

Tips from our experts: all about shipping pets to China.

Are you tuning in to DogTime's Pet Blog Awards?

October is National Pet Wellness month.

Here in Austin we have a Dogtoberfest that includes a DogTrot-- do you have something similar in your town?

Taming exotic pet owners.

News of our own: Boris and Mia are our Pet Move of the Month.


Enjoy the weekend!

Interview: How Vet Offices Play An Important Role In The Pet Relocation Process

Thursday, July 19, 2012 by Caitlin Moore


There are many moving parts when it comes to organizing a pet move, with one key area being veterinarian offices. Often multiple vet visits are needed to prepare for a move, so it's important for doctors and staff to have a good understanding of travel procedures as well as pre-travel and post-travel health advice.

We work with many vet offices around the world, and one of our favorites is Katy Trail Animal Hospital in Dallas, TX. Since they're always so helpful and friendly when we're working to prepare our Dallas-area pets, we thought we'd take a moment to explore their point of view.

Debbie Bumbard is a receptionist at Katy Trails, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.


How often do you see pets who are getting ready to move?

Annually, we see approximately 180 pets moving outside of Dallas. Of that number, 40-50 are traveling or moving internationally.

What are pet owners most surprised about when it comes to the health aspects of relocating?

The amount of paperwork, time and money involved.

Has the clinic learned a lot about pet travel from working with PetRelocation.com? What do you think you’ve taught us in return?

PetRelocation.com has been a godsend!  Always willing to help when I have a question or concern.  Our clients have been very pleased with the services they offer.

What advice do you have for people helping their pets get used to a new home after a move?

Take it slow. Do not give the pet free reign of the house initially. Over the first few weeks gradually work up to letting the pet explore the entire house. We also recommend all natural stress relief products for pets to help with any anxieties they may be experiencing.

Do you have any fun stories to share relating to pet travel?

Something that I always ask our clients to do when moving or traveling abroad is to send us a picture of the pet in their new country.  We have pictures of Labs in Paris, Pomeranians in Italy, cats in Hawaii and Shepherds in Brussels, just to name a few!  It is always a nice feeling to know that you helped with the process of getting them there and made the process as stress free as possible for owner and pet.


Thanks, Debbie!

As always, please contact PetRelocation.com with any pet travel questions you have.

Pet Move of the Month: Napoe's Relocation to Hong Kong

Thursday, June 7, 2012 by PetRelocation.com Customer

Though every pet move is different, most share a few familiar elements. This month's Pet Move of the Month illustrates a perfect example of what the typical pet owner experiences each step of the way: initial nervousness followed by a growing confidence that everything will be fine, and finally the happiness that comes with seeing your pet delivered safely to you.

Mandy is as dedicated a pet owner as can be, and her dog Napoleon (Napoe) is one lucky pup. Their recent move from the United States to Hong Kong was a smooth adventure, and we congratulate them for being stellar travelers.

Read more about Napoe's experience, including some valuable information about pet life in Hong Kong (people love him there!). Thanks to Mandy and Napoe, and good luck in your new home!


Is this the first time you’ve ever moved a pet?

Yes.  This is the first time we've ever moved our little guy. Napoe has lived in Arkansas for all 7 1/2 years of his doggy life. He is like our child.  

We've had never boarded him, never crated him, never left him with anyone other than family and close friends. The thought of him flying alone as cargo was mortifying to me. When I learned that the Hong Kong government wouldn't allow him to fly with us in the cabin, I literally had a panic attack.

A friend who had moved from our area to Hong Kong and used PetRelocation.com to help them move their dog Roger recommended you to us. From the first phone call (and I got through the call ALMOST without crying) I felt very comfortable with the care, knowledge and professionalism that every person I spoke to had. Each person seemed to genuinely want Napoleon to make a safe and successful move to Hong Kong.  

What were some of your concerns going into the move?

I wanted to know everything about every leg of Napoe's travel. What would he see, hear, and smell? Would there be any chance that someone might mistreat him? Would he be scared? Would he panic? Should I look into sedating him? What would happen if he needed to go to the bathroom, etc etc. I was also concerned with the fact that he is only 3.5lbs and his bladder is tiny. Could he manage a 16 hour flight without having to potty?

Each of my questions was listened to and addressed with care and compassion. I learned that dogs are den animals, and that while Napoe might initially be nervous, he would likely burrow into a blanket and fall asleep to the hum of the plane motor. I worried that he would be cold, but was assured that the place he would ride was temperature and pressure controlled.  


Reading about Hong Kong


Did anything surprise you about the international pet moving process?

Yes. The knowledge of the staff, the follow up, and the ease with which we were able to bring him over to Asia. I was thoroughly and completely impressed with how simple things were, for me and for Napoe. After my first call to PetRelocation.com,  things went smooth as silk.  

How is Napoe adjusting to life in Hong Kong?

When Napoe arrived and was let out of his crate, for about 30 seconds his ears were back and he was a little uncertain. Then, after he realized that it was me, his mom, he was so happy!!  He wiggled his tail and he was happy, playful and thrilled to see me. Napoe explored our apartment and went right to his blanket and found his favorite toy. 

He is still getting used to the fact that most of the places where he is allowed to potty are concrete. But., there are also plenty of places where he can explore. Where we are in Stanley, he is welcome at restaurants, shops and he comes with us just about everywhere we go on the South side of the Island.

Because he's out with us SO much, he sleeps almost all night and when he does wake, he goes to the balcony for a quick pee and then hops right back into bed with us. He misses his large yard at home, but he's adjusting very well to life in Hong Kong. Lots of doggy friends for him here.  

Mandy and Napoe. Napoe loves exploring Stanley in his travel bag.


What is life like in Hong Kong? Is it a pet-friendly place to be?

In the city, it's much like it would be in New York, London, etc., however we chose to live in Stanley, which is on the Southern peninsula of the Island. Dogaroo in Stanley Plaza is great for "dog products" like leashes and bowls and poop baggies. There's also a shop in Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chai which sells all things dog!

There is a vet in Stanley that's next to a groomer shop, and both are very reputable. I don't recall the name of the groomers but I believe the vet is simply Stanley Vet Center.  

I've not found a dog-friendly beach in Stanley, but I'm told that they exist. Napoe is welcome in the Taxis, and legally drivers can charge an additional $5HKD for him (less than .80 cents US). Sometimes they do, but most times they just think he's an adorable passenger and don't charge for him.  

What advice do you have for people who might be planning a move?

Relax. Take things one day at a time. It's very likely that someone else has shared the same experience that you are facing. ASK QUESTIONS. Being independent and attempting to figure it all out might be "your style," but allow people to help you. Research and verify what you're told, but learn from the experiences that others have already had. Patience and a sense of humor are two key items!


Adventure time


Find out more about moving pets around the world by contacting PetRelocation.com.

Pet Travel Update: First Oral Bordetella Vaccine Approved For Dogs

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 by Caitlin Moore


Countries vary when it comes to pet import requirements and vaccines, but many do require vaccinations against Bordetella, or kennel cough.

This is interesting news, then: there's a new product on the market that allows the vaccine to be administered orally. Bronchi-Shield ORAL has recently been approved by the USDA and is the first vaccine of its kind.

Check out their website for more information, and if this is an issue that interests you then be sure to ask your vet about Bronchi-Shield ORAL at your next appointment. Pet travel is tricky sometimes, so anything that might make the process easier is welcome news!


Friday Pet News Links: Cat Videos, Cutting-Edge Pet Products and New Pet Travel Rules

Friday, February 17, 2012 by Caitlin Moore

It's Friday, once again! Before you unplug and unwind, enjoy these pet news links...


Cutting-Edge Pet Products via @CNBC (we especially like Slide 11!).

United has a new pet travel rule that's not making military members very happy.

A new survey of dog travelers reveals that yes, this is an important market niche.

Forget the Oscars. Dog News Daily held the first ever Golden Collar Awards in LA this week.

Is this the oldest cat video of all time?

For our compatriots: Pet-Friendly Places in Texas.

Presidents and their pets.

And yes, just for fun, Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than a Puppy? Tough decisions!


george & riley

George & Riley enjoy water sports on the weekends. What do you like to do with your pets?

Friday Pet News Round-Up: Beagle Freedom Project, Hong Kong Pet Travel and More

Friday, December 2, 2011 by Caitlin Moore

-Two of our senior employees recently visited Hong Kong for the 2011 IPATA Conference. Read about their adventures moving a dog to mainland China and about the fun pet party they had at Pet World.

-A stolen dog is found and returned to his family after five years.

-Pet obesity: stats and information.

-Hometown pride! Austin Pets Alive! won the ASPCA $100K Challenge, so they'll be able to help many more pets find homes.

-Here are a few fun pet products from Dogster that'll come in handy for any upcoming holiday pet travel you may be planning.

-It's true, PetRelocation.com played a role in the Beagle Freedom Project efforts you've been hearing about. Check out the video if you haven't seen it yet!

Friday Pet News Round-Up: Pampered Pets, Celebrity Pals and Green Pet Travel

Friday, November 18, 2011 by Caitlin Moore

It's been another busy week in the world of pet travel and pet shipping, so here are a few highlights in case you missed them!

-You're traveling with your pets this holiday season, but are you being environmentally conscious about it? Here's a green guide to pet travel.

-This pup has set a Guinness World Record for being the animal who has been photographed with the most celebrities (363!), having posed with the likes of Kristen Stewart, Bill Clinton and Kim Kardashian.

-It doesn't surprise us to hear the results of this American Pet Products study: more people own pets than ever before, and pet owners are happy to spoil their furry family members. 

-From fashion designer to animal rescuer: this New Yorker recently started the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund and creates clothing for dogs as well. 

-It's true: Dog Parks aren't for everyone

-More holiday pet travel tips.

-The new rules for moving pets to Panama.

-Of course you'd like to see a slide show of dogs playing in leaves.

Smokey says "Happy Friday"

Pet Move of the Month: Mittens & Fluffy's Move from Pakistan to the US

Friday, September 9, 2011 by PetRelocation.com Customer

Fluffy & MittensCongratulations to Fluffy and Mittens (and their owner Fariha) for being named our Pet Move of the Month! Exporting pets from Pakistan isn't the easiest thing to do, but after plenty of careful planning these Persian kitties made it safely to Seattle. Thanks to Fariha for sharing this great pet travel story with us.

Is this the first time you’ve ever moved your pets?

What were some of your concerns going into the move?
The distance between Pakistan and the USA. It's a journey that we dread and leaves us exhausted for days. For two delicate Persian cats, we were afraid they may not make it.

Did anything surprise you about the international pet moving process?

Only the fact that it was so difficult to find a transporter. If there are other services available (besides PetRelocation.com), they are not known about in Pakistan and/or don't show up on a google search. 

How are the cats adjusting to the new location?
The cats seem quite well-adjusted. However, there are certain things they are still not used to but unfortunately are part of their new life. For one thing, in Pakistan we have huge concrete houses; here, the ground shakes every time someone walks & it seems to unnerve them.

What is life like in Seattle compared to Pakistan? Is it a pet-friendly place to be?
Seattle is hugely pet-friendly! But our cats are strictly indoors... We're afraid of the other cats on the street, and also of them getting lost. They go out onto the patio with us and love rolling around in the sun. It'll be interesting to see them when it gets colder, as the coldest it gets in Karachi is 55-60 degrees.

For us, it's comforting to know we're in a place that welcomes and loves animals. Also, that we have a choice when it comes to health care, facilities and products. All our neighbors have pets, and it seems that here not having one would be an unusual circumstance. Unlike back home, where pets are very unwelcome!
What advice do you have for people who might be planning a move?

If their pet is part of their family -- like ours are -- they should seriously consider moving them too! I think it's helped us all settle in better and made the new house a home, just having them here.