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There's no doubt about it:  Moving is stressful work.  At PetRelocation.com, we understand this, which is why we offer superior customer service to create a stress-free experience for your pet relocation.  We know there's a lot on your mind when moving to a new city or country - and we believe your pet's move should be one less thing to worry about.

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Our Approach

When you first contact PetRelocation.com, either by phone or email, you are put in touch with a PetRelocation Service Consultant familiar with your destination region who will obtain all of the necessary details to provide you with an accurate quotation and answer any questions you might have about the move. 

No-Surprises Application Process

If our approximate pricing is within your budget, the Service Consultant will ask you to fill out our Pet Owner Service Application.  The application is then assigned to a Pet Relocation Specialist to put together a more precise estimate of price as well as all of the logistics of the pet relocation, including the airlines we'll be using, flight routing, and other necessary details.  This ensures you know what to expect before our services begin.

Country-Specific Pet Relocation Specialists

Every one of our Pet Relocation Specialists is designated to a region - Domestic, Asia-Pacific, EU, etc. - which means your relocation will be handled by someone who is familiar with the latest import/export requirements for your destination.  This experience is invaluable to our clients, providing assurance and confidence in a stressful situation.

Pre-Move Services

Once you accept our finalized price for your pet's relocation, your PetRelocation Specialist then begins the Pet Relocation initiation process.

Initial Veterinarian Consultation

Your Pet Relocation Specialist will contact your veterinarian to introduce themselves, go over your pet's vaccination history, and advise the veterinarian as to the next steps. This communication helps avoid any miscommunications between you and your veterinarian.

Arrangement of All Logistics

Your PetRelocation specialist will then begin setting up all of your pet's travel arrangements, including setting up drivers on both ends, selecting and booking the appropriate flight schedule and making sure your pet's documentation is all in order for the travel date.  Along the way, you will have access to a 24/7 live customer service line that will put you in touch with your specialist, just in case you have any last-minute questions.  Of course, it's our goal to make sure you don't!

Pet Flights Services

If you're anything like us, your pet's travel arrangements will be more important to you than your own!  That's why PetRelocation takes the utmost care in planning your pet's flights and ensures that Fido will be flying first class, all the way.

Customized Flight Schedule

All of our clients receive their pet's flight schedule the week before the flight, detailing all of the flight numbers, departure and arrival airports and pertinent contact information.

24/7 Flight Tracking

Your flight schedule will also include your pet's "Air Way Bill" (or ticket) number along with flight tracking instructions so that no matter where your pet is in the world, you can stay informed. 

Climate Controlled & Pet Friendly Flights

PetRelocation only works with "pet friendly" airlines that meet the following standards:

  • Climate controlled waiting areas - Your pet will never be left sitting out on the tarmac in the heat or cold.  This also allows us to transport pets by air year-round.
  • Climate controlled, pressurized cargo holds - Your pet will enjoy the exact same conditions as the people in the passenger hold above him throughout his flights.  After all, he's a member of your family!
  • Dedicated pet-friendly airport vehicles & staff - We only book on airlines that guarantee that pets will be cared for by their dedicated live animal cargo staff and shuttled from the waiting areas to the plane in climate-controlled vehicles.  No luggage trolleys here!
  • Airport pet hotels for all layovers - We only route pets through airports that are able to keep pets at their on-site pet hotels.  This means that while your pooch waits for his next flight, he can be given food & water, walked, and have his crate cleaned out -- all without leaving the airport!

Post-Move Services

Our services don't end just because your pet has landed.  PetRelocation seeks to build lifelong relationships with pets and their owners — we're here for you, anytime.

Boarding & Grooming Services

If you're not going to be at your new home for a few days after your pet arrives, we can arrange boarding at a local pet hotel.  We also can always arrange for a post-move pampering appointment for your pooch if necessary.

Customer Feedback Survey

Your thoughts & opinions are important to us.  Once you've had time to settle into your new home, PetRelocation will follow-up with you to get your feedback on your pet's move.  Our company strives to improve with every Labrador moving to London and tabby relocating to Tokyo. 

Share Your Experience & Help Others

Through our "Share Your Experience" feature, your information can help others feel more comfortable about moving to their new city or country.