Help Me Move My Pet

Large & Exotic Relocations

Horse Transportation

When relocating horses or donkeys, PetRelocation understands the complexities of making sure they will not be injured or become ill. 

Domestic Horse Shipping

The following documents are required for domestic horse transportation:

Documents Required:

1.  Original Health Certificate issued by a Veterinarian

*Certificate should be issued within 10 days from date of shipment.

2.  Coggins Test - Showing horse is negative for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)

*Must be tested within 12 months from the date of shipment.

3.  Printed History of Horses' Vaccination Records - sent to your PetRelocation specialist.  Suggested vaccinations include West Nile Virus and Flu/Rhino.

Please Note:

We recommend having your horse micro-chipped (if s/he is not already tattooed or permanently branded) for international and domestic shipments.  Please discuss the microchip options with your PetRelocation specialist or your veterinarian.  

International Horse Transportation

We offer international horse transportation worldwide, which includes arranging all of the import and export testing, quarantine and documentation.  Moving horses around the world, or even just across the country, is a delicate process that requires care to all elements of the relocation.  Please email us directly for more information on our international horse transportation services.



Exotic Relocations

When shipping exotic animals, additional permits and test are often required.  PetRelocation prides itself on staying up-to-date with all CITES, FWS, WBCA and IATA regulations.  We can also provide custom-made travel crates and cages for these exotic species.  It is important to note that for exotics, particularly CITES-protected parrots, it can take seven months to a year to obtain the necessary import and export permits.

Specialty Relocations

Are you looking to move twenty-three cats to the Philippines?  Or maybe fifty dart frogs from Switzerland?  Perhaps you need to charter a jet for your family and your dogs.  PetRelocation.com has facilitated all types of pet transportation requests, as well as coordinated large numbers of pets moving worldwide.  These shipments typically involve additional paperwork and veterinary requirements, so advance notification is key to a successful relocation.