Help Me Move My Pet

Custom Travel Crates

PetRelocation.com offers custom pet travel crates that are handmade and modified to your pet's exact needs.  It is advisable that custom orders be submitted at least 60 days in advance to avoid delays and/or rush fees.  Shipping & handling costs vary.



Custom Dog Travel Crates

Large dog travel crates accomodating the largest of breeds (Great Danes, St. Bernards,etc.).  These are custom made to order and adhere to IATA standards for international travel.

Crate Extension Kit

For larger dogs who need just a little bit extra height, an extension kit will be necessary.  We offer crate extension kits to add height to Extra Large (#500 series) and Giant (#700 series) crates.





Bird Travel Crates

For relocation of feathered friends, we offer custom bird crates complete with perches, for everything from large Macaws to tiny Finches.

Reptile & Rodent Travel Crates

Our reptile and rodent shipping crates are highly customizable, allowing for the placement of inserts within the travel crate when transporting more than one creature:

Custom Exotic Animal Travel Crates

Our custom exotic animal crates are built for strength and safety, as well as the animal’s comfort.