Help Me Move My Pet


Attention:  This information is to be used as general guidelines and may not be updated to meet the current requirements.  Before you travel, be sure to contact the appropriate authorities for your destination country.


Documents Required:

  • Original International Health Certificate issued by an Accredited Vet
  • Original Rabies Vaccination Record
  • Printed History of Pets Vet Records
  • Copy of Customs Clearance Form
  • Copy of Owner's Original Passport
  • Copy of Visa or Work Permit
  • Copy of Airway Bill if pets are sent as cargo

Please Note: 

* The Rabies Vaccination must be more than 30 days old, but not more than one year (for one year vaccinations) or not more than three years (for a three year vaccination) prior to the date of departure. In other words, you must have a current, valid Rabies Vaccination.

* A Microchip is recommended and the microchip number must be put on the vaccination or health certificate.

* Copy of Health certificate, copy of Rabies Vaccination, copy of Airway Bill, and copy of owner's passport with International visa should be available for clearance.



Pioneer Veterinary Services - http://www.pioneervet.com/

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Rossetti Veterinary Center - http://www.petdoc.ca/

Staff profiles, pet care tips, and virtual tour. Edmonton. 

Edmontonvet - http://www.edmontonvet.com/

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Westmount Animal Clinic - http://www.westmountanimalclinic.com/

Small animal veterinary clinic in Calgary. Staff profiles and descriptions of their services.

British Columbia:

West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic - http://www.wbvc.bc.ca/ Provides veterinary care for all animals. Newsletter, virtual tour, client forms, and a list of services. Vancouver.

Selkirk Veterinary Hospital - http://www.selkirkvet.com/ Full service veterinary practice in Nelson. Office hours, staff profiles, list of services, newsletter, calendar of events, and information on alternative medicine.

Shaw Pet Hospitals: Central Saanich Animal Hospital, Vetcetera, Hollywood Pet Hospital - http://www.petsareourpassion.com/ Veterinary care for cats, dogs, reptiles, amphibians, and pocket pets. Three locations in Victoria and Saanichton.

Arbutus West Animal Clinic - http://www.awac.ca/ Conventional and holistic veterinary services for the Kitsilano-Arbutus area and the west side of Vancouver. Code of ethics, staff biographies, and a list of services.

Vancouver Animal Wellness - http://www.vancouveranimalwellness.com/ Homeopathic practitioner and veterinary hospital services. Details of services and treatments, locations and contact information, resources, and a photo gallery.


Carling Animal Hospital - http://www.carlinganimalhospital.com/

Providing laser surgery, medical and dental care, hospitalization, and boarding services. Profile, hospital tour, staff profile, frequently asked questions, and pet links. Ottawa.

Mitchell Animal Hospital Online - http://www.mahonline.com/

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Toronto Holistic Pet Vet - http://www.holisticpetvet.com/

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Simcoe Veterinary Hospital - http://www.simcoevet.com/

Full service veterinary hospital. List of services, description of procedures, and links. Barrie.

The Cat Clinic - http://thecatclinic.ca/

Feline veterinary hospital in Hamilton. List of services, health information, and description of their foster cat program.


Canada is the second largest country in the world by total area. Occupying most of northern North America, it extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Canada shares land borders with the United States to the northwest and south. Spring, summer and autumn are all ideal for touring, though if you want to ski you'll naturally have to come in winter or early spring. For campers and those who want to visit the far north, the summer months of July and August are best. Summer is also when many of the country's festivals take place. Note that the peak tourist season is between Victoria Day (late May) and Labour Day (early September). Although spring and autumn have fewer crowds, lower prices and a more relaxed pace than the summer months, some visitor-oriented facilities and attractions may be closed during these shoulder seasons.

Capital: Ottawa

Official languages: English, French

Currency: Canadian dollar ($) (CAD)


Canada has four distinct seasons, although their arrival times vary across the country. The single most significant factor in climate is latitude. As a rule of thumb, it gets colder the further north you go, so it's no accident that the warmest areas in the south are also the most populated. The western and eastern coasts are both very wet, though much of the rain falls during winter. In Saskatchewan, Manitoba and eastern Alberta the prairies are fairly dry all year. Canadian winters are long and hard: in more than two-thirds of the country, the average January temperature is a shivering -18°C (-0.4°F). July and August are the warmest months, when temperatures in the south are usually in the upper 20°Cs (low 80°Fs).


In eastern Canada, the Saint Lawrence River widens into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the world's largest estuary; the island of Newfoundland lies at its mouth. South of the Gulf, the Canadian Maritimes protrude eastward along the Appalachian Mountain range from northern New England and the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are divided by the Bay of Fundy, which experiences the world's largest tidal variations. Ontario and Hudson Bay dominate central Canada. West of Ontario, the broad, flat Canadian Prairies spread toward the Rocky Mountains, which separate them from British Columbia. Northern Canadian vegetation tapers from coniferous forests to tundra and finally to Arctic barrens in the far north. The northern Canadian mainland is ringed with a vast archipelago containing some of the world's largest islands.

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