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Importance of Domestic Health Certificates!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 by Rachel Farris

I recently received a phone call from a customer who was moving domestically (within the United States) and had asked us why she needed Health Documentation for her pet move. Her main issue was that her cat has never been vaccinated by a Veterinarian, since she believes in Homeopathic Remedies and does all of her vaccinations herself.

This is a great alternative to some, however for the USDA and the various State Laws, it is a requirement to obtain the proper health papers when leaving your state and entering another.

Every state has a law that requires appropriate health documentation for your pet transport relocation. While this isn't an enormous issue for people who like to travel with their pets, it is important to obtain proper documentation before taking your pet across state lines.

Please note, that some States might also require:

* An import permit
* Tests for disease
* Additional Vaccinations
* Information guaranteeing that the pet did not come from an area under quarantine restrictions.

The true purpose of an official health certificate is only partially to certify the (apparent) health of the animals inspected. At least as important is the ability to track the movement of the animals. If an outbreak of disease appears, you want to know how many animals just left that area and where they went. You also want to know who got there just before that, and where they came from. The idea is to track and stop the spread of disease. Any time you cross the state line with an animal, you're supposed to have an official health certificate. An accredited veterinarian inspects the animal and (with his staff) fills out the appropriate paperwork describing the animal, any tests run, vaccinations given and the state of health (which has to be good, as far as they can tell). It also specifies the name and address of the owner, the shipper, and the recipient. A copy goes with the shipment, one to the home state veterinarian, and one to the destination state veterinarian (and one stays in your files).

Screwing up health certificates is a bad thing. Suppose there's an outbreak of rabies and you can't tell who's been exposed, where they came from or where they went? Not good. There are many diseases that could have a major impact on live animals.

When moving your pet with an Airline, it is required to have a Health Certificate within 10 days of departure. This is a strict airline rule that allows them to make sure your pet has been checked by a Veterinarian and is showing signs of good health. Please contact the various airlines directly for more information on their domestic policies.

As always, should you need any help you can always contact Petrelocation.com for more information!

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