How to Prepare for Safe Summer Travel With Pets

Pierre in the poolSummer is a busy time for pet travel, and whether you're planning a relocation or a vacation, it's important to show your pets the care and attention they need during what can be a hectic time filled with heat-related hazards.

As temperatures rise and your move date draws near, here are a few important items that will help to make summer travel with pets a smooth and safe process.

Check for Airline Embargoes

If you're planning pet air travel and your pet is too large to fly in the cabin, you'll want to check with the airline to find out about any possible summer embargoes that may be in place. Often certain hubs follow abbreviated schedules when it comes to live animal cargo due to heat concerns. Check websites, make some phone calls, and/or talk to your pet travel specialist to find out if your airline's summer schedule will affect your planned pet travel route.

Stay Hydrated

Pet hydration during travel is important at any time of the year, but of course this is especially vital when it's hot outside. Give pets plenty of water before and after a trip, and make water available during a flight by attaching water bowls securely to the crate and filling them at the last moment. (Pro tip: To reduce spillage and ensure water is available for longer, freeze the water trays the night before the move.)

Groom Only if Necessary

Depending on what type of hair your pet has, he or she may benefit from a little bit of pre-travel summer grooming. Be careful, though: trimming an unruly mane may be a good idea in some cases, but read this pet grooming advice before taking things too far. A dog's hair often acts as a natural cooling system and this coverage can protect skin from sun damage, so proceed mindfully.

Choose the Travel Crate Wisely

Again, choosing the right pet travel crate is always important, but it's especially key during the warm summer months. Especially for snub-nosed pets, consider choosing a crate that's one size larger than you'd normally select in order to promote as much airflow as possible and avoid stuffy situations.

Be Flexible

Remember, your pet's health and safety are the most important considerations, so be prepared to deviate from your original travel plan and stay flexible if it means keeping your furry family member more comfortable. Summer travel with pets often means scheduling flights early in the morning or later at night when it's cooler outside, and in some cases you may need to push travel back a few days or weeks if temperatures are steadily too high.

Enjoy the summer, pet lovers! And as always, please contact PetRelocation for a pet travel consultation if you have questions or concerns about how to travel with pets.


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